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Intake Manifold POLINI for

SR R/Factory/GP1/DNA/Runner
/NRG MC2/MC3/NTT/Quarz/Zip
50cc, inner diameter: 35mm,
outer diameter: 30mm

Installation of a tuning manifold is a must for whoever wants to improve performance. Basically, manifolds are responsible for the flow of the gas-air mixture to your carburetor. Your original manifold‘s flow channel is usually smaller than your carburetor - creating a throttle effect, resulting in a hearty power reduction. A tuning manifold corrects this imbalance with a larger diameter, giving you more flow and more power - even with your original carburetor. Installing a tuning carburetor without an open manifold doesn‘t make sense. In case you want to de-throttle your motor and already have an aluminum manifold, the aluminum manifold can be bored out to increase flow.


All open manifolds have two things in common: an optimized diameter as well as a shorter and better induction path. Irregardless which sport manifold you choose, your scooter will reward you with a remarkably higher performance. Get some fresh air in your system!


High Quality: de-throttled manifolds from MALOSSI, POLINI or DR for 15 - 25mm carburetors. High quality rubber mixture, longer life. Sport air filter is necessary for some models.


SIP-TIPP! Here‘s a note of interest when installing a tuning manifold: manufacturers make it hard for you to remove the original manifold by using screws that literally lose their heads. There are two ways to get the screw out after the head has broken off. One, is to saw a new slit on the broken off stump to give your screwdriver to get a new grip on it, or two, tap the screw stump on the side with a center punch to loosen it up a bit, then use pliars to unscrew the stump.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  215.0436 (POLINI)

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