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Grease MALOSSI MRG Grease,

for variator, weights and
80ml, 24 pcs, bargain offer

Greases consist of a basic oil, a diversity of thickeners and also various extra additives. The thickener (lithium, molybdenum, etc.) provide the gel-like consistency that ensures it remains where it was originally applied. The basic oil component is responsible for lubrication and the additives usually provide non-corrosive properties. The demands of a scooters motor upon the greases used vary according to workload and state of tune. To cater for all of these needs MALOSSI offer a variety of different standards and grades of grease. Greased lightning!


MRG Grease (Yellow cap) – Highly resistant grease on a mineral basis with molybdenite additives. Molybdenum, a grey-black sulphide, is mixed with this grease to improve its lubrication properties. MRG grease was developed for use with variomatic roller weights, roller ramps and the driven pulley assembly. This grease is especially suited for the perfect lubrication of standard motor set ups.


MRG Racing Grease (Red cap) – The MALOSSI Racing Grease is recommended for more extreme conditions and/or temperatures of over 120º – 130º C. MRG Racing Grease has a relatively thick consistency mineral-aluminium-high performance grease on a soapy basis, suited for extremely high loads. It also protects reliably from corrosion as well as oxidation and contains an Extreme Pressure (EP) additive. The chemical components guarantee cohesion and also dispels moisture. MALOSSI 7.1 MRG Racing Grease is recommended for use all automatic scooter transmissions with high stress and work loads ( DIN 51825 KP 2 P 10).


MHR Grease (Black cap) – Semi-synthetic-lithium lubricated-high performance grease with an EP additive of semi-liquid consistence. The MHR Grease possesses excellent lubricative qualities up to temperatures of 160º C. Due to the semi-liquid consistency of this grease type, the component to be lubricated requires regular reapplication. This grease is recommended for exclusive use in race and sprint motors (DIN 51502 KP 2/1 P-30).

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  7612579 Achtung (24er Pack) (MALOSSI)

14751000 $9.79
14230000 $3.86
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M7611882B $5.84
M7615375B $8.80
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R10010000 $2.57
M6112737 $38.57
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40g / piece
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