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Gearbox 14/45 teeth, MALOSSI

Primary, for HONDA Pantheon 4T
Inj./Dylan/NES/@125 4T

We know how it goes: you've done your best to tune up your motor to bring it up to an appreciable performance level - then find that your speed isn't going any where cause the original transmission only helps with acceleration rather than bringing the power performance up where you really want it. Always at the limit, your motor works it's heart out for you, but..... which in turn means stress, wear and tear for crankcase, bearings and pistons.


A longer transmission gives you the chance to get the same speed - but at a lower rpm's for a healthier motor. Give yourself an extra margin and more performance without stressing out on inclines. Your acelleration lost can be made up with a variator readjustment. The rolls a little lighter, your clutch a little harder.


The sport transmissions from MALOSSI and POLINI are mainly straight geared, making the interlock area smaller and so reducing friction. Lower friction in your transmission means less heat and you're finally getting that badly needed power to your rear wheels.


In case you drive a PIAGGIO/GILERA motor, please take note of the following information about your gears:

1. Up till 1996, PIAGGIO used toothed bears with 18mm.

2. From 1996 to 1998. PIAGGIO reduced the diameter of the intermediate shaft from 18mm to 17.7mm. To make sure you get the right part, please measure shaft diameter before ordering.

3. Since 1998/99 PIAGGIO has been using a new larger cog wheel on the main shaft. A new pinion with a smooth inner surface has replaced the previous used pinion which had a toothed inner surface.


Before you order a transmissioin for these motors, make sure you measure exactly and check out if toothed or pressed smooth.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  6712497 (MALOSSI)

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Variomatic & Gear Box

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700g / piece
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HONDA Dylan 125 4T LC
HONDA Pantheon Injection 125 4T LC
HONDA PS inject. euro 3 125 4T LC
HONDA SH I Injection 150 ZDCKF08 4T LC
HONDA SH/SH Scoopy 150 ZDCKF04 4T LC -
HONDA S-Wing 150 4T LC euro 3
HONDA S-Wing 125 4T LC euro 3

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