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Inner Rotor Ignition MALOSSI

MHR for MALOSSI Piaggio
Typhoon 125ccm 4T LC

Internal rotor ignition systems are necessary where traditional ignition systems fail or are inadequate. Starting at a rate of around 10000 rpm most standard ignition systems fail to deliver a constant voltage, which leads at best to power loss in the upper rev range, in the worst case, burnt-out coils and complete ignition failure. Another disadvantage of conventional ignition systems is the fixed point of ignition, with which hardly any existing tuning cylinder can be satisfactorily set up. Because of this MALOSSI decided on the radical solution of the development of a suitable internal rotor ignition unit which includes a variable ignition timing which, even at 20000 rpm, is capable of delivering a steady and reliable performance. This solves the problems experienced with conventional ignitions in one fell swoop!


The MHR TEAM version is, apart from the regulator, identical with the 2011 TEAM version. The regulator (electronic CDI unit) included can be adjusted to allow differing two and four stroke set ups. The following settings are possible:


Three separate adjustment parameters : (MAPS, OFFSET, LIM)


MAPS : The following settings are possible :

  • 2 x mappings for four-stroke motors (positions 6 and 7)
  • 5 x mappings for two-stroke motors (positions 0,2,3,4 and 5)
  • 1 constant mapping of 16 degrees before TDC (position 1)

OFFSET : Enables an individual set up of each ignition curve to +/- 2° in steps of 0.5°.


LIM : Adjustable rpm limiter for the area between 11,500 and 14,300 rpm in steps of 200 rpm (for geared engines)

  • O = 11500 rpm
  • E = 14300 rpm
  • F = rpm limiter inoperative

Internal rotor ignition MALOSSI MHR TEAM

The system is based around a uP Stm8 – 8 bit microprocessor chip which allows 20 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS), accelerated ignition data recognition improving the power and current flow of each ignition process, no RF interference, a HT lead temperature resistant to 150°C, a choice of 8 pre-programmed ignition curves, a 'soft-cut' feature enables a safer disabling of the ignition pulse, a rev-limiter with 16 settings(15 x 200 rpm steps between 11,500 and 14,300 rpm with a no-limit position), capacitive pulse inducement, highly efficient and reliably constant 30,000 volt ignition pulse up to at least 20,000rpm, compact (58mm) and lightweight internal rotor, high power rotor-magnetics.


CAUTION : This ignition system makes your original wiring loom redundant! Lights, horn, and indicators will no longer function!


SIP-TIP : For correct dis/assembly of the internal rotor/flywheel the removal/mounting tool from MALOSSI (part no.:6011651) is necessary.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  5516771 (MALOSSI)

M3216760 $977.43
M3116208 $1,015.95
M6115666 $61.21
M5216918 $147.11
Customers choice
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M3114700 $779.98
40275900 $1.88
KBR10003 $42.45
M5616363 $156.98
BU4058 $39.49
Ignition & CDI


1,610g / piece
Stock on hand  

Unfortunately we are not authorized to deliver MALOSSI parts to your country. We recommend you to take the suggested alternative.

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MALOSSI Piaggio Typhoon Prototyp 125 4T LC ´12-

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