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CDI Ignition Unit MALOSSI

PVM Digitronic
for Vespa LX/S/Primavera
/Sprint 50ccm 4T AC 4-Ventil
also for APRILIA/PIAGGIO Sca..
rabeo/Fly/Liberty 50ccm 4T

Malossi is proud to offer its new Digitronic ECU with variable ignition timing!

Compared to the original ECU, Malossi has completely modified the ignition timing performance maps and increased the rev limit by 1000 RPMs.

The new Digitronic controls the ignition timing, SAS valve, and PTC heater performance maps.

Ignition Timing Performance Map

The ignition timing is controlled by performing a linear interpolation of a tri-dimensional performance map, containing 16 break points for engine speed and 8 break points for engine temperature.

SAS Valve Performance Map

The secondary air supply to the base of the throttle body enables the engine management system to compensate for the non-linearity typical in carburettor systems. The SAS Valve (Secondary Air Source) is controlled by the ECU which performs a linear interpolation of a performance map, containing 16 break points for engine speed and 8 break points for engine temperature. The SAS Valve reduces emissions and optimizes engine performance for all operating conditions.

PTC Heater

Special attention has been given to cold start conditions, guaranteeing correct fuel vaporization under low temperature conditions. The ECU controls a PTC heater, positioned on the carburettor, which maintains the fuel at a constant temperature in the carburettor's fuel bowl.

Ignition Coil Charging Period

To increase the life of the 8 mm spark plug used on the vehicle, a strategy was introduced to limit the ignition coil charging period, reducing spark plug wear due to the electro-erosion effect. This strategy reduces the amount of discharge energy needed at elevated engine speeds and elevated alternator voltage without compromising engine performance. In addition, the ECU guarantees engine operation even with a weak battery or no battery. It is possible to start the vehicle using the kick-starter regardless of battery condition.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  5514396 (MALOSSI)

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VESPA LX 4V 50 ZAPC38700 4T AC `09-
VESPA Primavera 4V 50 ZAPC531 4T AC `13-
VESPA S 4V 50 ZAPC38600 4T AC `08-
VESPA Sprint 4V 50 ZAPC53101 4T AC `14-

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