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Crankshaft MALOSSI MHR Team

RHQ for 50cc MHR/68cc MHR T6,
BORE for MINARELLI horizontal
50cc 2-Stroke AC/LC,
stroke 39,2mm, conrod 80,0mm,
pin 12mm

only in connection with Overrange Variator Multivar M5112800

These full circle crankshafts produced by the people at MALOSSI will take you to the heights of RPM heaven! A Higher Primary Compression (HPC) means higher revs and a higher top speed. Push your limits!


The central element of every motor, the crankshaft, has had high demands placed upon it by the MALOSSI technicians. To satisfy these demands all crankshafts constructed by MALOSSI have forged crank webs. As a consequence even the standard replacement version profits from high end elements, from the MALOSSI RHQ range, not normally seen on original specification items. This makes the RHQ and MHR crankshafts identical, save a few minor details. Both crankshaft types share the same stiffer, strengthened con-rods which have special alloy coatings for an ideal surface finish. The genuine high-end forged con-rods can be found included in the MALOSSI MHR Team Version crankshaft assembly. These forged items are harder, thinner and as a result lighter than cast types.


RHQ crankshafts are often used as a direct replacement for the original items, but also with mid-race cylinders and even MALOSSI MHR or Replica cylinders, according to model and compatibility. Their suitability can be checked in the product specification of every individual cylinder and the bore x stroke measurements compared. We recommend you also check the gudgeon pin dimensions as these too can differ.


The 'Team' crankshafts have been designed to be compatible with the rest of the MALOSSI Team range of components. Here also we highly recommend that you check and compare the compatibility of each component for an ideal motor set up. For added stability the inner ends of both sides of the shaft itself are also thicker. Certain peripheral components (e.g. for the variomatic) are included in the delivery.


All MALOSSI crankshafts are balanced, full circle HPC (High Primary Compression) items. The forged crank webs are manufactured using special nickel chromium molybdenum (18NiCmMo5). This alloy creates a harder surface area and also prevents oxidisation and corrosion. These improvements also have the effect of making the crank tougher and more enduring.


These are just some of the small but decisive details that make the MALOSSI crankshaft systems slightly more expensive but also a lot more robust and reliable, in all situations.


Racing Crankshaft MALOSSI MHR Team RHQ, 80mm con-rod MINARELLI (Vers. 2006)

The 2006 version of this component includes a reinforced variomatic side crankshaft stub. A suitably sized variomatic pulley spacer, meant for use with the MALOSSI '2005 Overrange' variator assembly, is included in the delivery. CAUTION : In order to use a different model of variomatic unit the pulley shafts spacer and the bolt should be suitably modified!


  • High Primary Compression full circle crank web crankshaft
  • Produced using 18 Ni Cr Mo 5
  • Forged monolithic rotary mass
  • Manufactured using state of the art high precision machinery and processes
  • All components of this crankshaft are multiply tempered (5 times) for high stiffness
  • Excellent surface finishing for increased durability and reliability
  • Dynamic balancing allowing motor speeds of up to 16,000 rpm
  • forged 18 Ni Cr Mo 5 con rod including a high precision big end bearing
  • Suitable for higher motor rpm

SIP-TIP: Do not forget to order new bearings and oil seals to properly complete this upgrade. A suitable small end bearing is also included with this crankshaft kit. We also recommend the simultaneous replacement of the piston rings and the cylinder head gasket for full effect!

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  5312810 (MALOSSI)

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