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Clutch Kit MALOSSI Delta

Clutch System for MINARELLI
Ø 107 mm,
incl. clutch bell


Centrifugal clutch system with clutch bell for scooter MHR

System comprises the famous:

  • Patented adjustable clutch (Delta Clutch).
  • In addition, the reinforced, anti-failure clutch bell (Wing Clutch Bell MHR) with cooling fins, dynamically balanced, designed for competitive and sport applications.


Delta Clutch

Delta Clutch is a clutch developed within the scooter racing circuits and in a short period has become a benchmark product, key to scooter performance.

The simplicity of the system quickly allows spring adjustment with regards to centrifugal force and the possibility of interchanging a spring with different K values. These values are listed in the Malossi catalogue.

Another option this system allows is position adjustment of the small mass which determines the pressure between friction material and clutch bell. In addition, this small mass is interchangeable with other masses of varying weights.

The complete system is patented to protect against shameless attempts to copy and falsify the product.

Delta has attained the recognition of many qualified tuners and the facts are the proof: used by all the racing teams and a vast amount of sport riders, resulting in a continuous increase in sales.

As always, Malossi constantly analyses its products during their operation and Delta is no exemption. It has been optimized by implementing small but important updates, maintaining Delta as a leading edge product.

We are very proud of the fact that Malossi clutches are asbestos free, however, much investment in research was needed in achieving this present level of quality, reliability, and especially selection of friction materials.

We can now affirm, with great certainty, that we possess an exclusive formula for producing a high temperature resistant material that does not alter its coefficient of friction due to prolonged operational stresses.


Wing Clutch Bell MHR

Technical Specifications

  • Forged clutch bell, without welds, made of 39NiCrMo5 steel, nitrogen surface hardened with an antioxidant surface treatment.
  • Machined finned reinforcement corona enhances heat dissipation, protecting the clutch's friction material, tested to over 20,000 RPM.
  • Radial scraping holes added to the contact surface, sized and positioned to continually clean the clutch's friction material.
  • Original system concept with openings designed to create dynamic ventilation and offering the possibility to adjust the internal clutch settings.
  • Highest levels of finishes and extreme close tolerances maintained. 
  • Due to the strong demand for these two products, we decided to offer them both in a single package.

    This allows Malossi to supply two quality products with a cost savings for the customer.

    OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  5214739 (MALOSSI)

    R25256 $2.58
    BU5495 $16.39
    BU1622 $2.88
    Our Alternatives
    for this item
    R100260030 $21.85
    R100260150 $34.76
    Customers choice
    might interest you...
    M5214111 $68.52
    P241626 $58.59
    M6115821 $406.18


    1,216g / piece
    Stock on hand  

    Unfortunately we are not authorized to deliver MALOSSI parts to your country. We recommend you to take the suggested alternative.

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