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Variator MALOSSI MHR Overrange

Kit "La Furia Rossa", Multivar
for MINARELLI horizontal
/vertical 50cc 2-Stroke AC/LC
19x15,5 mm, 6 rollers, 3,5

‘La Furia Rossa’ is the name of the latest drive train components in the MALOSSI MHR range. A brand new drive pulley, Overrangekit, and 'V'-belt design means more power!


The heart of the new system is represented by the MHR driven pulley in a striking shade of red. The unit comprises of fixed and moveable halves machined from solid aluminium alloy, making them considerably lighter than its immediate predecessor in the MHR range. Its contact surfaces have been specially coated for improved grip and the radically arranged cooling vents ensure even lower operating temperatures, especially over longer distances. If you have ever suffered from decreased drive train efficiency due to excessive overheating, MALOSSI finally have the solution! All test riders competing in the MALOSSI ‘Trofeo’ racing series were positively impressed and reported of a progressively stable performance, even following numerous laps of the respective race circuits.

The diameter of the new version differs slightly to that of its predecessor, making the use of the new ‘La Furia Rossa’ X-Kev ‘V’ belt essential. Do not forget to also order this item!


The engineers at MALOSSI have also updated the MHR Multivar Variomatic unit with newly designed roller weight ramps ensuring a more even rev curve. These items can be employed independent of the rest of the components in the new range and they include two spare sets of different roller weights and a pressure spring in the delivery to simplify the fine tuning of the pulley.


These components are also available compiled as a set in the MALOSSI Overrangekits. The ‘La Furia Rossa’ kits are set up perfectly for combined use and in order to fully exploit their potential MALOSSI recommend that they be used together. These kits are first extensively tested at the MALOSSI factory and then released for long term, ‘real world’ evaluation in the MALOSSI ‘Trofeo’ cup. The results are more than convincing – an improved acceleration, a more progressive and even rev pick up and an even higher top speed!


OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  5115823 (MALOSSI)

M6111108 $32.49
M6115822 $51.34
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M6115821 $403.81
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This item is currently not available but will be back in stock soon.

854g / piece
Stock on hand  
Est. date of delivery 11/19/2017
Daily arrival expected.

Unfortunately we are not authorized to deliver MALOSSI parts to your country. We recommend you to take the suggested alternative.

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