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Carburettor Kit MALOSSI PHBG

19 for KYMCO
main jet SHB 80, idle mixture
jet 45, mixer tube DL262,
jet needle W16, choke jet 55

The carburetors and carburetor kits we deliver have to fulfill basic quality requirements in order to guarantee problem free installation Individual fine tuning for each motor is up to every tuner to carry out. For optimal motor output, we recommend using both a larger manifold and racing air filter. Further, larger valves ensure higher power performance. In any case, reed flaps should be exchanged. The bottom of the line - a larger carburetor means a noticeable increase in rpm‘s, which means more power and higher top speeds. What more can you want?


Power output of the 19mm carburetor is directly under that of the 21er. Special characteristics of the 19er is that it runs quiet and smooth with better acceleration with a little tuning. The automatic choke is replaced by the manual choke (included in kit), which can be mounted anywhere on chassis or handlebars with a bowden cable and starter lever. Both carburetors are delivered with basic tuning, fine tuning has to be done by the mechanic.


SIP-TIP! Sport Manifold, Sport Air Filter, Quick Action Twist Grip Jets and small parts for fine tuning.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  1611028 (MALOSSI)

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40370000 $28.80
55034000 $15.59
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Carburettor - PHBG 15 -21


687g / piece
Stock on hand  

Unfortunately we are not authorized to deliver MALOSSI parts to your country. We recommend you to take the suggested alternative.

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KYMCO Cobra 50 2T AC -
KYMCO Dink 50 2T LC `00-
KYMCO Dink 50 2T AC `00-
KYMCO Dink Classic euro 2 50 2T LC `03-
KYMCO Heroism 50 2T AC `95-
KYMCO People 50 2T AC `99-
KYMCO Sniper 50 2T AC `94-
KYMCO Super 9 50 2T LC `00-
KYMCO Top Boy 50 2T AC `98-

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