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Drive Tuning Kit "Sport"

for Vespa GT/GTL 200cc 4
-Stroke LC

'Tuning', from the English verb, '(To) tune', definition : 'To adjust/harmonise to obtain the desired performance'. We have compiled a number of tuning kits that can lead to a more harmonious motor set up. We have these drive train tuning kits available in two categories, 'Starter' and 'Sport'. The only specialised tools necessary to perform variator pulley transmission adjustment or servicing are the suitable holding tools for both the variator and clutch units. This makes it possible for scooter owners themselves to be able to carry out these minor mechanical chores in the comfort and economy of their own workshop! The proud result is a 'home-tuned', noticeable improvement to the acceleration and throttle response of your scooter.


'Starter' Transmission Tuning Kits

This kit includes a reinforced 'V-belt' produced by MALOSSI. Its wider construction reduces power sapping slippage between the main transmission components and immediately improves acceleration. This effect can be further enhanced with the inclusion of a low-friction pulley-spring plate. The MALOSSI 'Torsion controller is simply put in place of the original item, beneath the existing pulley-spring. For an improved throttle response and a higher clutch engagement rpm, you can also install the MALOSSI HT Variator roller-weights. These items are manufactured with a coating of PTFE, so ensuring an enduring, reliable performance. This kit is rounded off with a MALOSSI performance air filter. This filter enables a higher flow of clean air than the original, with identical filtration properties. This makes the motor run a little leaner and also improves throttle response. To complete the job properly we have fresh fixing nuts for both the variator and clutch units also included in these kits.

  • Belt
  • spring carrier
  • variator rollers
  • air filter


'Sport' Transmission Tuning Kits

If the 'Starter' kit does not satisfy your needs then the 'Sport' version certainly should! This more comprehensive kit includes a complete MALOSSI 'Multivar' variomatic pulley unit complete with a stiffer spring and suitable roller-weights. The MALOSSI 'Delta' clutch unit allows a specific adjustment of the rpm at which it engages and comes complete with a new clutch basket. To round the package off a wider 'V-belt', a low-friction pulley-spring plate and a race air filter, all produced by MALOSSI, are also included.

  • variator Multivar
  • Delta Clutch with Clutch bell
  • Belt
  • spring carrier
  • air filter

Conclusion : If you wish to spare yourself the time and effort of choosing the ideal set up for your scooters transmission, these kits are perfect. The 'Starter' kit is an economically priced alternative solution and also provides an instantly improved acceleration. It is also useful when the existing set up requires replacement/servicing. The 'Starter' kit should be regarded as a first step into the world of performance enhancement and does not automatically make a fire-breathing motorbike hunter out of your scoot! For those who want more, the 'Sport' kit can deliver. The upgrade of the relevant CVT components leads to an excellent acceleration, worthy of any traffic light sprint duel!

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14405000 $9.12
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Airfilter & Oilfilter

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VESPA GT L 200 ZAPM31200 4T LC `03-

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