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Tyre IRC Urban Snow "EVO",

120/70-12", 58L TL M+S

IRC are the first tyre manufacturer to offer scooter riders the, in wintertime, added grip enabled by the capillary arrangement of the new lamella tyre tread technology in the form of the “Urban Snow” tyres. Due to their 'winter optimised' tyre material compound with an increased amount of silica they are ideally suited for use in a hard winter.


Their perfect grip and excellent traction qualities are appreciated especially in wintery, icy and snowy conditions. Also other normally scooter unfriendly conditions such as extremely wet and/or cold weather are mastered easily by this tyre.


Test report:

Superior qualities. No other scooter tyre can offer similarly convincing ride qualities as the “Urban Snow” on snow covered and icy roads. Thanks to its unique tread profile – with hundreds of fine radial and diagonal lamellas (or very fine tread grooves) – and its special rubber mix with a higher proportion of low temperature resistant silica material, the first real 'all seasons' tyre guarantees an optimal traction combined with sideways grip, therefore offering a high degree of safety. Advantages all year round. Compared to more conventional tyres the new 'Urban Master' from Hostettler AG and IRC tires offer numerous advantages: Best riding qualities on dry roads, high water drainages properties and optimal grip in the wet and in the cold. Best possible traction and stability in icy and snowy conditions and is so the ideal scooter tyre for all seasons. Professionals put their trust in the 'Urban Master Snow'. Over 8000 Swiss posties are out delivering mail, day in- day out, all year round on scooters. Most of them put their trust in the 'Urban Master Snow' tyre and are especially enthusiastic about the tyres more than convincing performance in the extremely low winter temperatures experienced in the Alps. The same is true for hundreds of scooter riding couriers and thousands of satisfied all year round scooterists who have discovered the practicality of the 'Urban Master Snow' tyre produced by IRC





If, for any reason, you wish to ride your scooter in Germany in wintertime, there has been a new law introduced that makes the use of tyres designed for winter conditions mandatory. If you are caught with 'summer' tyres in subzero conditions you will be facing high fines and no insurance cover in case of an accident. From now on all vehicles must have winter tyres in wintery conditions, including motorbikes and scooters. Due to the high demand for winter tyres at the moment deliveries may be delayed slightly. Please check if we have your tyre size in stock while ordering.

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