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Luggage Carrier front, LOGOS..

for Vespa LX/LXV 50-150ccm
black, fold down

LOGOSCOOTER can really be considered as the Rolls Royce amongst the Vespa chrome accessory manufacturers. They have extremely high production standards combined with 100% fitting accuracy for all of their products. The chrome plating itself is given a genuine high end shine thanks to an extensive preparation process that all of their brightwork products are exposed to. All items have an enduring anti-corrosive shield with a three year guarantee, valid from the documented date of purchase. Their entire range of products are also delivered with detailed, illustrated mounting instructions.


Their front carrier is connected to the frame with two bolts. In order to mount it the square PIAGGIO shield logo must first be removed and requires detailed modification to be reapplied properly. In addition this front carrier is also securely held in position with an angular plate which itself is fastened behind the horn cover. This solid bolted assembly has a slightly more challenging installation but rewards your efforts with a rock solid and reliable loading area. Its protective contact point rubbers are of the decent transparent type and the distance between the main carrying surface and the bottom of the headlight is 26cm.


The rear carrier has a relatively large load surface area with its 38 x 35cm dimensions. The existing chrome Vespa logo can still be used in combination with this rear carrier, although a new one is not included in the delivery.


The crash-bars for the front mudguard and both sidepanels are very securely bolted directly to the frame. Its extremely solid at the rear of the frame and at the pillion footrest mounting points ensures that your paintwork remains intact and they do not twist or bend either. The leg freedom of your pillion passenger is not hindered or affected in anyway.


Conclusion: High quality has its price!


SIP-TIP: Complete the look with other chrome accessories such as a tasty lamp surround, snazzy horn cover trim and steering assembly decoration.

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Luggage Carrier, Bumper, Crash Bar & Topcases

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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA LX 50 ZAPC38101 2T AC `05-
VESPA LX 150 ZAPM44200 4T AC `06
VESPA LX 50 ZAPC38300 4T AC `06-`09
VESPA LX 125 ZAPM44300 4T AC `06-`08
VESPA LX 2V 125 ZAPM44/RP8M661 4T AC ´05-´11
VESPA LX 2V 150 ZAPM44/ RP8M662 4T AC `06-`09
VESPA LX 4V 50 ZAPC38700 4T AC `09-
VESPA LX i.e. 2V 125 ZAPM68/RP8M663 4T AC `09-`12
VESPA LX i.e. 2V 150 ZAPM682 / ZAPM688 / RP8M664 4T AC `09-`12
VESPA LX i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM68/RP8M665/RPM683 4T AC ´12-´13
VESPA LX i.e. 3V 150 ZAPM68400/ RP8M66600  4T AC `12-`13
VESPA LXV 50 ZAPC38102 2T AC `06-`09
VESPA LXV 2V 150 ZAPM448F  4T AC `07-`09
VESPA LXV 2V 125 ZAPM44301 4T AC `06-`09
VESPA LXV i.e. 2V 125 ZAPM68102 4T AC `10-`13

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