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Clutch SERIE PRO HiT by Dr.

Pulley for PIAGGIO X9 500

The HiT clutch from Dr. Pulley's PRO SERIES rounds out the top of of the crop of clutches. The innovative HiT clutch uses motor torque - not just centrifugal force alone - a combination that puts this product in the upper end of power performance clutch systems. Made of two interlocked movable parts, it's originality is due to using a cleverly devised sliding/wedge system to create additional pressure that combines both torque and centrifugal energy - as opposed to the average clutch system which relies on centrifugal force alone. The stronger the motor (higher resistance for your motor to work with), means more pressure for the sliding/wedge to exert on the surface of the clutch shoes, which means saving performance energy that would otherwise be lost.

Other clutches start to slip when they reach certain rpm's or speeds. Not with the HiT clutch! Daily drivers get a new edge when going uphill or overtaking. Sport pilots appreciate increased power performance in higher rpm's.


Included in delivery: 3 shoe racing clutch, adjustable with 2 individual spring kits for shoes, base plate, a variety of springs sizes, large linings. Gets up to 30% more pressure, slip free power transfer, lower friction temps, improved acceleration. Adjustment tips and installation instructions are included in delivery.


SIP-TIP! New clutch nuts, clutch mounting holders, quick cleaner. Adjustment through 2 spring systems. The first regulates acceleration rpm status, activating the clutch, which everyone knows. With HiT, the second spring system regulates aggressive power through the wedge. If you intend to use the HiT for high end tuning modification, we recommend installing the hardest spring types in both systems.


Andi Wrobel, W5 PIAGGIO LC MHR Team Sprinter, 01/2007:

"This is a high class clutch. Absolute better grip. Gets 1 more horsepower at high speeds".


Edi Arzt, Revince, Tschechei, 07/2007:

"Attached you will find the picture of the PERFECT clutch. Please have a look on the clutch ! ... That is nearly unbelievable .... After 2 training sessions in Pisek does the clucth look like this. And that was a test like under race conditions ;-) 

Setup of the clutch: red springs from MALOSSI and the hard springs from Pulley for the plate. The clutch is really perfect !"



by joe bulva:

"I ordered Dr Pulley stuff. Sliding Rollers of 15g,16g,17g + HiT clutch. It arrived on Friday.
First Hit clutch went in so the set-up was J COSTA + HiT and then I went for a ride. Immediately when I took off I though oh my GOD this is so smooth. The clutch just bites instantly and there is no vibration what so ever. It was smooth but again the engine was not reving as high. This was most probably down to weight of the J COSTA + weight of the HiT as they are both noticeably heavier than the OEM parts.
Next I took COSTA out put my OEM variator in with 15g Dr Pulley sliding rollers and off I went.


No shudder, No vibration, Acceleration 0-20 MPH improved, 20-90 VA-VA-VOOOM, Throttle response excellent and Smooth as silk all the way up to 90MPH
Feeling that I could still do more I changed the clutch spring for harder one (25kg Pink) and the overall result is UNBELIEVALBLE !!!!!!! The power is brutal and instant. It was a first time I got scarred on the scooter doing WOT  It is a totally different machine now.
Now I am not done with it yet, I am still going to experiment more with the springs and rollers. For now I am keeping it as it is !!!!"

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Clutches & Rear Pulley


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