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Racing Exhaust GPR VINTALOGY,

for Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTS
Super Sport, i.e., 300ccm
stainless steel polished,
form silencer: oval,
with ABE, with catalyzer

Over the past couple of decades the Italian firm by the name of GPR have slowly but surely established their name as specialists in the construction of high end performance exhaust systems for both the scooter and motorcycle accessory markets. Do to their long experience in the manufacture of metal based products it is only natural that along with the more common materials such as stainless steel, highly specialised substances including carbon fibre, titanium and Inconel (originally developed for the Whittle jet motor) are expertly crafted and combined. GPR exhaust systems also find use by many major race teams on the race tracks of this world, even finding their way onto the Moto GP circuit, included in the set up of Casey Stoners race bike! The hard-won experience, gained in the extremely demanding world of big-buck, professional racing is transferred directly into the design and manufacture of their commercially available exhaust systems. This has also lead to the vast array of silencer types produced by GPR, which increases the possibility of finding the correct combination of exhaust body and silencer to suit every need or type of scooter.


The TITANTIUM bodied silencer with the carbon fibre look end cap is also available with a so called 'db killer' device included.


The ALUMINIUM bodied silencer type with the stainless steel frame and end cap can also be delivered including an entirely removable 'db killer' device.


If you are seeking an extravagantly race orientated silencer for your exhaust set up you need look no further than the GPR 'VINTALOGY' model. Its vintage appearance belies its true sporting abilities and sound with its removable 'db killer' device and bolt on performance increase of just over 1 PS on a standard Vespa 250 motor. (with 'db killer' in place!) The entire item is 100% 'Made in Italy' and is constructed using specialist 304 graded stainless steel and is also hand polished. The mounting materials are also 100% stainless steel.


All of these exhaust systems possess European type approval which enables their legal use without any further documentation being required. All items required for quick and safe attachment of these exhausts, such as a rubber lined clamp, silencer fixing springs, spring mounting tool, manifold, etc. are included in the delivery package.(exact contents depend on the exhaust model ordered) The GPR logo sticker which is also included with every pipe can be applied as desired. It is important to make sure that the surface to which it is to be applied be free from any grease, dust or dirt before application.




CAUTION : Due to the very soft suspension on standard scooters, race exhaust systems can quickly come into contact with the scooters frame when fully compressed. The rear shock absorber should always have its spring pre-load adjusted to maximum compression. To be completely on the safe side, a stiffer after-market race shock absorber system should be included in the set-up of your tuned scooters suspension.

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Racing Exhausts

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4,200g / piece
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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA GTS i.e. 300 ZAPM45200/ZAPM45202 4T LC `14-`16
VESPA GTS i.e. 300 ZAPM45200 4T LC `12-`13
VESPA GTS i.e. 300 ZAPMA3300 4T LC `17-
VESPA GTS Super i.e. 300 ZAPM45200 4T LC `08-`13
VESPA GTS Super i.e. 300 ZAPMA3300 4T LC `17-
VESPA GTS Super i.e. 300 ZAPM45200 / ZAPM45202 4T LC `14-`16
VESPA GTS Super Sport i.e. 300 ZAPM45200 4T LC `10-`13

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