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Racing Exhaust GIANNELLI IPE..

Super/GTV/GT 60 i.e. 250
stainless steel,
with e-pass, with lambda
seating, complete system

The name GIANELLI stands for quality and performance, which is proven by them being OEM for APRILIA and DUCATI amongst others. The ‘Iperscooter’ range of pipes represents their take on the Maxi scooter theme and they fulfil all expectations all along the line.


The GIANELLI systems have a convincing high end design and help the Modern Vespa with a respectable power increase (ca. 0.5PS on a GTS250). This is especially noticeable in the mid and high end of the rev range with improved pick up and a quicker acceleration. The light weight construction of this racing exhaust also has a positive effect on the handling of the Modern Vespa. This system has European approval stamps enabling fully legal road use in all EU countries


Complete system/ made of stainless steel/ stainless steel silencer/ with Lambda seating/ E-mark

Silencer made of stainless steel, anodised aluminium heat shield with lasered Gianelli logo.


SIP TIP: We recommend the use of the MALOSSI O2 Lambda Emulator in combination with this exhaust.


CAUTION : Due to the very soft suspension on standard scooters, race exhaust systems can quickly come into contact with the scooters frame when fully compressed. The rear shock absorber should always have its spring pre-load adjusted to maximum compression. To be completely on the safe side, a stiffer after-market race shock absorber system should be included in the set-up of your tuned scooters suspension.

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M5514749 $93.06
M6611095E $15.89
M2911326 $19.75
M5514746 $102.47
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5,500g / piece
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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA GT 60° i.e. 250 ZAPM451/ ZAPM459 4T LC ´06-´07 w/o E-Pass
VESPA GTS i.e. 250 ZAPM45100/ RP8M45410  4T LC `05-`16 mit E-Pass, Typ M45 Var. 1 Ver. 00
VESPA GTS i.e. 300 ZAPM45200 4T LC `12-`13 with e-pass, type M45 Var. 2 Vers. 00
VESPA GTS i.e. ABS 250 ZAPM45101 4T LC `05-`13 w/o E-Pass
VESPA GTS Super i.e. 300 ZAPM45200 4T LC `08-`13 with e-pass, type M45 Var. 2 Vers. 00
VESPA GTS Super Sport i.e. 300 ZAPM45200 4T LC `10-`13 mit E-Pass, Typ M45 Var. 2 Ver. 00
VESPA GTV i.e. 250 ZAPM45102/ ZAPM459L  4T LC `06-´09 w/o E-Pass
VESPA GTV i.e. 300 ZAPM45201/ ZAPM459L 4T LC `10-`13 w/o E-Pass

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