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Luggage Carrier front, FACO

for Vespa Primavera/Sprint 50
black, load area: 30x21 cm,
fold down

FACO 'Chrome+' and 'Gold Plated' accessories-MADE IN ITALY! The name 'Chrome+' guarantees an extensive multiple phase finishing process. The components’ material is first brushed to ensure a solid plating base. The visible chrome surfacing is based upon two layers of nickel for added brilliance. The parts are precisely dimensioned and finished.


This Front Luggage Carrier is attached to the scooter using two bolts. To properly locate these two bolts, two 15mm diameter holes must be drilled into the horncover. Beneath the horncover a mounting bracket is mounted in place of the voltage regulator unit, to which this component can then be reattached. The PIAGGIO emblem can remain in position.


The Rear Luggage Carrier is fixed to the pillion grab rail. The original chrome trim with “Vespa” logo can no longer be used. The rigid Luggage Rack is perfect to mount a universal Top Case or the FACO Thundercase.


The Sidepanel Crash Bars are attached at the front to the underside of the frame, so guaranteeing freedom of movement for the pillions legs. The rear fixing bracket is fixed below the rear mudguard / number plate holder. The disadvantage of this style of fixing is that it does not give complete protection to scooters sidepanels in the event of a relatively heavy spill.


SIP-TIP: Complete the look with other chrome accessories such as headlamp rim or horn cover wing.

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VESPA Primavera 50 ZAPC532 2T AC `13-
VESPA Primavera 4V 50 ZAPC531 4T AC `13-
VESPA Primavera i.e. 3V 150 ZAPM812/ ZAPM818/ RP8M82 4T AC `13-´16
VESPA Primavera i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM811/ RP8M82 4T AC `13-`16
VESPA Primavera i.e. 3V iGet 150 RP8M822 4T AC `16-
VESPA Primavera i.e. 3V iGet 125 ZAPMA1100 4T AC `16-
VESPA Sprint 50 ZAPC53201 2T AC `14-
VESPA Sprint 4V 50 ZAPC53101 4T AC `14-
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V 150 ZAPM81/ RP8M8 4T AC `14-`16
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM813/ RP8M821 4T AC `14-`16
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V iGet 125 ZAPMA13/ RP8M825 4T AC `16-
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V iGet 150 RP8M82211 4T AC `16-

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