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Tyre DUNLOP ScootSmart,

140/70-16", 65S TL M/C

Dunlop presents this performance orientated scooter tyre, the ScootSmart.


A modern tyre should be as varied and extensive in its abilities as the range of present day scooter types. In order to adequately meet these many demands DUNLOP have released the ScootSmart scooter tyre. It is available in the sizes from 10" to 16", with a cross-ply and also radial construction and carries a speed rating of 210 km/h!


Dunlops many years of experience in the design and production of tyres for the two-wheeled market are displayed in the construction of the ScootSmart range of tyres. They are the result of a combination of the many technologies and materials already proven in their range of RoadSmart sport-touring tyres, designed for motorcycles. Thanks to the latest simulatory techniques on the basis of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology and a high quality silica tread compound with an ultra-fine soot component, the ScootSmart can deliver a best possible combination of grip in dry and wet conditions coupled with an agile, responsive handling and long life. The design of the tread profile is also based on that of the RoadSmart range.


For an optimal performance in wet conditions the ScootSmart tyres possess an increased negative profile along the middle, contact point of the tread, so enabling a more effective removal of water for improved grip. To provide excellent stability and increase cornering confidence the negative profile depth decreases towards the edges of the tread in order to increase the total surface area of the positive tread profile. In addition the engineers of this project incorporated a high degree of straight-line stability, maximum steering precision and an even wear characteristic into the parameters of the original design resulting in a constantly high performance over their life-span.

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PIAGGIO Beverly 125 ZAPM284/ ZAPM289 4T LC ´04-´07 rear
PIAGGIO Beverly (euro 1-2) 250 M285M 4T LC rear
PIAGGIO Beverly (euro 3) 125 ZAPM28900 4T LC rear
PIAGGIO Beverly Cruiser i.e. (euro 3) 250 M28802 4T LC rear
PIAGGIO Beverly i.e. 125 ZAPM691 4T LC ´10- rear
PIAGGIO Beverly S i.e. 250 ZAPM28 4T LC euro 3 rear
PIAGGIO Beverly Tourer (euro 3) 125 ZAPM28901 4T LC rear

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