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Tyre Warmer CAPIT rear/front,

Suprema Scooter 10",
230W, black,
front and rear tyre

capit Professional Tire Heater for all 10" / 12" / 13" scooters

Valentino Rossi trusts his capit professional tire heater to do the job: heating tire rubber to exactly the right temperature of 176° F (80° C) to get optimal grip - and performance. In the pits, this technic belongs in standard equipment of every racing team.
These advantages speak for themselves for use of capit Tire Heater:

      • Optimal traction right from the block at low temperatures - getting you hot lap times         
        on cool days.
     • Indispensable at sprint races.
     • Reduces tire wear, lowering slip to an absolute minimum during the first few laps. 
     • Fewer tire pressure fluctuations due to stable pressure measured on pre-warmed tires.
     • Patented thermostat free electronic ssystem, protecting temperature regulation against 
       water and mechanical damage. Dependable temperatures held constant at 176° F (80° C).
     • At extreme outdoor temperatures, 32° F (0° C) and 104° F (40° C), temperature   
       development can be slightly influenced, due to no thermostatic post-regulation. Here,
       tire temperatures will vary between 174° F (78° C) and 181° F (83° C) - which is a
       much lower variation than is found in most thermostatic regulated devices.
     • Get up to 600 watts heating performance for each tire heater.
     • Heating wires are PTFE coated, installed across the grain.
     • Up to 40 meters (44 yards) heating cable is installed in each heater. (Cheap heaters
       use a mere 10-15 meters (11-16 yards) per set.
     • Fire resistant Nomex and polyamide inner surface (tire side) and waterproof nylon exterior
     • Elastic sides hug cover tight to rim edge.
     • Rip off protection guards cable connection to tire heater to prevent damage when action
       starts to get hot during the race.

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