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Speedometer Cable PASCOLI

for Vespa 125 V30-33/VM/150 GS
VS5T 0071025>,
l 1024 mm/ 1006 mm,
connection: u 1,9mm, d 1,9mm
screw-on/screw-on, for 8"
models, connection Ø inner
top 11mm lower 11,5mm

Speedometer Cables connect speedometer and speedometer drive gear, making sure your speedomter shows the correct speed.


We've named the speedometer cables after the vehicle models in which they were originally installed. Often there will be neither original speedo drive gear nor speedometer in a 40 year old Vespa. In order the select the correct speedometer cable for your model, noting the size of the four cornered speedo drive gear, 1.9 mm or 2.7. mm, and also the connection to the speedometer are of upmost importance. This can be either bolt-on, plugged on or clipped on.

To avoid confusion while ordering we list the lengths of the internal drive as well as the outer casing (including fixing nut) for all of the speedometer cables we stock.

We recommend before placing your order to check the dimensions of the four cornered cable of the existing speedo cable and the type of connection.


SIP-TIP: If your speedometer needle shivers often, it usually has a simple cause. The inner cable core of the speedo cable gets stuck a bit and is freed through the continual turning movement. Pay attention to the degree the speedo cable is bent in the steering head and on handle bar and make sure it is not too tight.

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divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
PIAGGIO APE B 150 AB1-4T 2T AC `53-`56 AB3 - 4T
PIAGGIO APE C 150 AC1-4T 2T AC `56-`66 AC1 -> AC3
PIAGGIO APE Pentaro A 150 APA1T 2T AC `60
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 125 125 VM1-2T 2T AC `52-`54
VESPA 125 125 V30-33 2T AC `51-`53
VESPA 125 125 VN1-2T 2T AC `54-`57
VESPA 150 GS 150 VS1-5T 2T AC `55-`61 VS5T 0071025 ->

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