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Cable Clutch, with PTFE

sleeve, adjusting screw,
pear nipple, for PIAGGIO Ape
50/P/P TM/250
Ø 2,0mm/6,0 mm,
l (cable)=2500mm,
l (sleeve)=2250mm

Cables are among the most important spare parts. You should carry a spare set on your scooter and you should also keep a spare set in your garage at home. Snapped cables are an annoyance on every excursion. Cables which are hard to pull take their toll on the nerves and tendons. Frayed cables have to be replaced. For this reason, whether it is a restoration or annual service, replacing the cables on a regular basis is recommended.


We only stock high quality cables which we fit to our own scooters. They are available as individual cables, cables with sleeve and optionally also with PTFE sleeve. They differ in terms of their length and diameter and the appearance and colour of the sleeve. Certain throttle, choke and brake cables differ depending on the specific model.


Cables with PTFE sleeves are perfect for tight installation radii and are very easy to operate. The interior section of the sleeve has a special lining which has a clearly superior effect on the running and the lifespan of the cable. These cables do not require lubricating either.


SIP-TIP: Order screw nipple and new adjusting screws at the same time! Everything apart from PTFE has to be lubricated with oil or grease!

It is a common mistake to assume that PTFE cables are completely made from PTFE ? however, this is NOT the case. With these cables, only the small plastic hose running inside the steel wire helix is made from a material that contains a certain share of PTFE. This PTFE share reduces friction of the STANDARD CABLE inside the plastic hose.

This PTFE cable is the ideal choice for conversions to larger carburetors in combination with quickaction twistgrips. The cable cover can thus be run ?more closely? while the cable will still move smoothly. The cables that come with such a PTFE cover do not need any lubrication as grease will only have a negative effect on the self-lubricating character of the PTFE. We also have complete PTFE kits for all classic gear-shifted models in stock. Highly recommended for any rebuild! !


SIP-TiPP: The kit can be used also on a Vespa PX Lusso/Arcobaleno/EFL. Then please add a Brakle cable PX Lusso front to your order to complete it.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  118311 (PIAGGIO)

94045000 $19.64
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Frame APE 50cc


340g / piece
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PIAGGIO APE 250 125 TM1T 2T AC `70-`74
PIAGGIO APE 50 50 TL1-2T 2T AC `69-`80 TL2T 55102 -> TL3T
PIAGGIO APE TM P 50 / Elestart 50 TL4T 2T AC `85- -> 523223

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