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Clutch Friction Plates SURFLEX

for Vespa 150 GS VS1T/VD1TS
Ø 108mm, Øi 41,5 mm, 3 plates
internal geared, th 3,2mm,
6 spring(s), 3 discs, th 1,0mm

Clutches are one of the most, if not the most, important components in any motor as their function is to ensure an adequate and effective transfer of the motors power between the crankshaft and the gearbox. To transfer greater amounts of motor power, more friction needs to be available within the mechanism of the clutch. Stronger clutch springs create more frictional pressure, more frictional plates lead to a greater frictional area.

All clutch plates can be combined with all differing strengths of clutch springs suitable for their particular type of engine. We stock an extensive range of clutch plates, clutch springs and complete clutch assemblies. We have clutches produced by all the major producers in the field and therefore have for almost all VESPA models a huge choice available. All clutch plates can be combined with all differing strengths of clutch springs suitable for their particular type of engine.


The standard friction plates are supplied as a kit with plain separator plates and springs included or as a reduced version with just the cork surfaced friction plate set. The friction plates for earlier VESPA models have a toothed inner circumference, for connection to the rest of the clutch mechanism. VESPA models since the 125cc VNA2T 081469 through to the 150cc VBA and the GS VSS have the toothed inner circumference for connection to the rest of the clutch on the plain separator plates. In addition to this the friction plates surfacings can differ in their thickness, total surfaced area and in the number of springs possible. MEC EUR produce the more reasonably priced, while PIAGGIO, NEWFREN and SURFLEX manufacture for the higher end of the market. We recommend stronger clutch springs and more performance orientated friction plates for tuned motor set ups. The friction plates should be soaked overnight in gearbox oil (SAE 30) before assembly.

Conclusion: Ideal for all non tuned standard motor set ups. Replacement of your clutch friction plates is recommended at every major service.


SIP-TIP: A new woodruff key, castle nut and castle nut locking washer are necessary while servicing your clutch. Stronger springs and friction plates are highly recommended for tuning projects. Do not forget to order SAE30 gearbox oil for an overnight soak of the friction plates prior to assembly. Certain friction plate surfacings are ideal for experimentation with different plate thicknesses.


SIP community user ‚klose‘ (on 93051000): „good and cheap“


SIP community user ‚luca‘ (on 93050000): “Good as the original”

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  (PIAGGIO)

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Clutch - Spare Parts

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Clutch SURFLEX Standard for Vespa 150 GS VS1T/VD1TS also for Vespa 150 GS VS2-5T, 93211500 $208.76
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