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Bearing Set Suspension Arm

for Vespa 125 VM/VN/VNA/VNB5
->026920/ACMA/Hoffmann C/150
VL/VB/VBA/VBB2 -1>212455
/VGLA-B/GL ->067469/GS VS1-5,
bolt-on fixing, bolz:
12x107mm, Ø bearing outer:
20 mm

One of the most common reasons for servicing Vespa forks is when the trailing suspension arm bearings require replacement. To spare you time ordering all the parts separately we have made a kit available containing all the necessary components for a complete overhaul of the assembly such as new suspension arm bolt, bearings, spacers and 'o' rings (not in all kits).


For the earlier Vespa models please check if the pivot pins are attached with either a wedged mechanism or threaded. This should become immediately obvious during disassembly of the unit.


SIP-TIP : While you are at it, why not also replace your brake shoes?


Suspension Arm for 8"/10" Vintage Models

From the models125 V30-33/VM/VN/VNA/VNB5 ->1º/ACMA/Hoffmann C/150 VL/VB/VBA/VBB2 ->1º/VGLA-B/GL ->1º/GS VS1-5 onwards, the suspension arm differs from the suspension arm fitted to the models 125 VNB5 2º->/GT/GTR/TS/Super/150 VBB2 2º->/GL 2º->/Sprint/V/Super/Rally due to the fitting of its suspension arm bolts. The earlier suspension arm bolts were secured with screws, the subsequent bolts were secured with a clamp.


Suspension arms designed for screw-in attachment are no longer available. Converting to a clamp swing arm is possible, however. For this task, in addition to the suspension arm we offer a complete conversion kit (part no. J59902001), that includes all of the necessary individual components.


This suspension arm can be used for the 8" and 10" models. 10" models also require the protective cover plate which is riveted to the suspension arm.


OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  16781 (PIAGGIO)

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divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 125 125 VM1-2T 2T AC `52-`54
VESPA 125 125 VN1-2T 2T AC `54-`57
VESPA 125 (T1/125) (D) 125 VNA1-2 2T AC `57-`59
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D) 125 VNB1-6 2T AC `59-`65 VNB5T > 026920
VESPA 125 ACMA 125 2T AC `51-`55
VESPA 150 150 VBB1-2 2T AC `60-`67 VBB2T -> 212455
VESPA 150 150 VB1T 2T AC `57-`58
VESPA 150 150 VBA1T 2T AC `58-`60
VESPA 150 150 VL1-3T 2T AC `54-`57
VESPA 150 (T4/150) (D) 150 VGLA-B 2T AC `59-`65
VESPA 150 GL 150 VLA1T 2T AC `62-`64 VLA1T -> 067468
VESPA 150 GS 150 VS1-5T 2T AC `55-`61
VESPA Hoffmann C 125 - 2T AC `54

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