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Tool Bag SIP by Zirkeltraining

made from gymnastic furniture
leather, l 640mm, w 270 mm,
empty, w/o tools

This is for every sporting hero, both inside and this side of any sports arena! Our SIP tool roll, produced by the German cult brand 'Zirkeltraining'™ (circuit training) is a tool roll ideal for transport of tools, adapters, spare parts and other items essential for the roadside maintenance of your scooter. These items are hand-produced using the tough leather obtained from obsolete gymnastic furniture, reminiscent of gym sports learnt in your schooldays. Simply roll it open and fill the numerous compartments with the tools and spare parts that will help to get you home. Two sturdy Velcro fasteners hold this tool roll together and make the tool roll capable of containing a sufficient amount of the most important tools for the most common mechanical failures of the Vespa motor, including the selector spider!


When rolled up this tool bag can be easily stored in any toolbox or even underneath the seat of your scooter. The handy eyelet included as part of its design gives you the option of being able to store the bag hung on a hook on the wall of your workshop, shed or garage when it is not being kept in your scooter. Wherever it is stored this item concentrates your Vespas 'road' tools in one spot, ready for immediate transport and/or roadside use.


This tool roll is available exclusively here at SIP and due to them being handmade from recycled materials slight differences between the colours and patterns can occur, making each product unique! The bags are delivered in an attractive presentation box, making these items ideal as presents for all your scootering buddies and anyone else who feels the need to carry tools on their journeys.


Length : 64cm / Width : 27cm (when unrolled) / Diameter when rolled without content : 10cm.


Background information on 'Zirkeltraining' (circuit training) “The legend of gym training – The moment in time spent vaulting over the trestle frame ,slapping the soft leather, the smack of the cushion mat on your body following the attempt at the pole of the high-jump – These are the memories recalled by the 'Zirkeltraining' branded items, in concentrated form! Bernd Doerr, the man responsible for recycling used gymnastic materials in his products, is expert at presenting and positioning his range of products in an extremely effective way” Jutta Nachtwey, editor at 'PAGE' magazine.

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