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Vespa Tuning, Spareparts &
englisch, 940 S.

The lady with the voluptuous curves is over 60 years old now and has not lost any of her sympathetic Italian charm. In fact, the contrary is clearly the case, Vespas are almost everywhere: In all types of advertisement, feature films, competition prizes and of course on our streets! Even the states behind the former iron curtain, long deprived of the advantages that Vespa can provide, are wasting no time catching up on everything that they were forced to miss: We receive steadily increasing numbers of orders from Warsaw, Bucharest, Belgrade, Tallinn, Prague and Budapest. One of the first products of the now much discussed 'globalisation' is now refreshingly present in the places, where no other scooter could reach. The wikipedia entry on Vespa euphorically describes “the motor scooters, still produced today, have an almost cult style following. There are numerous Vespa clubs, scooter runs and rallies as well as many lively internet forums, exclusively dedicated to Vespa. The first Vespa fanclubs were founded at the end of the 1940's.”


We are constantly updating our range, to provide the latest and most popular items for your Vespas. At the last count we had more than 15000 separate products in stock and that for the geared scooters alone! Extras, tuning items and spares! We are also meanwhile the official importers for the most renowned of the Italian manufacturers of performance enhancing products, MALOSSI! The same is true of the brake products manufactured by GRIMECA, the crankshafts by MAZZUCHELLI and the quality replacement spares produced by RMS. From the smaller, more exclusive tuning parts manufacturers such as QUATTRINI, FALC, DRT etc. we have all the latest products in stock and available. In our own 'SIP Performance' range of tuning items we have, for example, the high end multi adjustable SIP shock absorbers available for reliable, solid suspension, in all circumstances. Our 'SIP Vintage' label consists of exact reproductions of Vespa parts that are no longer in production or even available on the used market, such as side panels, mudguards and numerous other essential items. Our aim is to be able to offer top quality replacement parts of in some cases an even better quality than the original items themselves!


We here, at SIP, work day in – day out, surrounded by Vespas and Vespa parts. Since 1994! And we are still as excited as little kids around the tree on Christmas morning when the latest MMW clutch basket arrives for appraisal or a newly produced front mudguard emerges for the earlier open handle bar Vespa models. The companies staff parking area is packed with metal bodied scooters during the warmer months of the year and our resident customer-counter scooter hero Joscha rides his Lammy to work, whatever the weather. We visit countless rallies year in- year out and look forward to our very own annual organized tours to the surrounding countries such as Greece, Croatia, the south of France and of course 'Mama Italia'. Once you have been stung by the Vespa bug the fascination lingers the whole length of your lifetime!


Come with us and enjoy the almost unbelievable array of parts we have available to date in our new 940 pages Vespa catalogue



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