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Selector Box for Vespa 125 GTR

2°/150 Sprint V 2°/Super 2°
/200 Rally 2°
also for Vespa 125 VNB5-6T/GT
/GTR 1°/Super/TS/150 VBB
/VGLB/VGL1/GL/Sprint/V 1°
/Super 1°/180 Rally/200
Rally 1°
4 gear, premium quality

Even selector boxes can wear out eventually. More often than not precision is in the detail, when the connecting pin is worn it becomes more difficult to change gear, if the selector arm itself is worn, gears will jump. Better to have a replacement selector box in your tool kit, than to be completely out of your box, stuck on the hard shoulder. The selector boxes for earlier models of Vespa are available with 3 or 4 speed gear boxes. They also differ in the shape and positioning of the selector arm component.


PIAGGIO often deliver items that have the same article number, but originate from different manufacturers. Due to the fact that FA produce components for PIAGGIO, you can often find an FA item delivered with original PIAGGIO packaging. For later models we also have a selector box upgrade available, along with those made by PIAGGIO and FA. The FA items stand out from the crowd with their excellent value-for-money and the high quality of production. The premium version has more of an individually hand produced quality, combined with more exact dimensions.


Conclusion: Selector boxes should be replaced during every major engine overhaul.


SIP-TIP: Do not forget to replace your selector box, the cruciform, selector rod and suitable spacers etc.. Fresh gear box oil is also essential.



The lever of the selector box should be parallel to the gasket face when third gear is selected in the following Vespa models: Series I - Vespa 125 VNB5-6T/GT/GTR/Super/TS/150 VBB/VGLB/VGL1/GL/Sprint/V/Rally 180/Rally 200 (similar to PX EFL). On the models Vespa 125 GTR/Sprint 150 V/Super and the Rally 200 of the second series the lever should be 1.5mm further. The selector box available from PIAGGIO for the first series is 1-1.5mm further than the correct position and the item meant for the second series is no longer in production. The versions produced by FA are always 1.5mm out of line which led us to begin classifying the various selector boxes more precisely. A motor built to original specification may be forgiving of vague manufacturing tolerances, for tuned motors we recommend the use of one of the DRT selector box spacers (part no 92223000) to restore the precision required.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  182524 (PIAGGIO)

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Premium Qualität
Gear Box - Selectorbox

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325g / piece
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divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 125 125 VNT1-2 2T AC `60-`62
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D) 125 VNB1-6 2T AC `59-`65 VNB5-6T
VESPA 125 GT / 125 Sprint 125 VNL1-2 2T AC `61-`73
VESPA 125 GTR 125 VNL2T 2T AC `68-`78 -> 151592
VESPA 125 GTR 125 VNL2T 2T AC `68-`78 151593 ->
VESPA 125 Super 125 VNC1T 2T AC `65-`69
VESPA 125 TS 125 VNL3T 2T AC `75-`78
VESPA 150 150 VBB1-2 2T AC `60-`67
VESPA 150 (T4/150) (D) 150 VGLA-B 2T AC `59-`65 VGLB1T
VESPA 150 GL 150 VLA1T 2T AC `62-`64
VESPA 150 Sprint 150 VLB1T 2T AC `65-`74
VESPA 150 Sprint Veloce 150 VLB1T 2T AC `69-`79 -> 367321
VESPA 150 Sprint Veloce 150 VLB1T 2T AC `69-`79 367322 ->
VESPA 150 Super 150 VBC1T 2T AC `65-`79 -> 544506
VESPA 150 Super 150 VBC1T 2T AC `65-`79 544507 ->
VESPA 180 Rally 180 VSD1T 2T AC `68-`73
VESPA 200 Rally 200 VSE1T 2T AC `72-`79 -> 41647
VESPA 200 Rally 200 VSE1T 2T AC `72-`79 41648 ->

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