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CDI Ignition Unit HHP v4,

for Vespa 125 PV ET3/PK50-125
Rally 2°/PX80-200/PE/Lusso
also for Lambretta 125 LI/LIS
/175 TV/200 TV/SX/DL/GP adju..
12V, 4 connections, four
different ignition curves


HHP-Tuning adjustable ignition DUCATI CDI unit

MCU micro-controller adjustable AC-CDI including 4 separate ignition curves.


HHP-Tuning developed this unique CDI unit with RPM regulated, variable ignition point adjustment of up to 10°. Scooters with 6V electrics first require upgrading to a 12V system in order to benefit from this adjustable CDI device.

An improved level of torque at low RPM along with a cooler combustion at higher revs can quickly and easily be achieved through setting the adjustment dial located on the CDI unit itself.


The actual point of ignition is initially set at 24° before Top Dead Centre (TDC). When the RPM level of the chosen pre-programmed ignition curve is reached the ignition point is then continuously advanced by the CDI unit, according to the current RPM from 24-14° before TDC. The ignition point is also automatically advanced by 10° when either 2000 or 4000 RPM are reached, according to the selected ignition curve.


The four separate, pre-programmed ignition curves cater for almost all tastes and fields of use.


CDI v3 unit adjustment possibilities:

Ignition curve # 0 : 'Acceleration' 4000 – 10,000 RPM

Ignition curve # 1 : 'Racing motor - ROAD/RACE' 2000-9000 RPM

Ignition curve # 2 : 'Equivalent to VESPATRONIC' 4000-8000 RPM

Ignition curve # 3 : 'Touring motors - Touring' 2000-7000 RPM


CDI v4 unit adjustment possibilities:

Ignition curve # 0: 'AGUSTO 9000' 2000-9400 RPM

Ignition curve # 1: 'AGUSTO 8000' 2000-8200 RPM

Ignition curve # 2: 'AGUSTO 7000' 2000-7000 RPM

Ignition curve # 3: 'Equivalent to VESPATRONIC' 4000-7000 RPM


The HHP-CDI is a thoroughbred racing part so you will need some technical expertise to mount it correctly.


The pickup has to align correctly with the marking on the flywheel!


If you are using the DUCATI/SIL/BGM stator plate, you might have to remove the insulation loop if there is no ignition spark.


SIP-TIP: In order to correctly set up the ignition point a strobe-lamp is necessary (Part No. : FS118600). Do not forget to order a new spark plug, cap and lead for a professional job.


Conclusion: A must-have item for almost every performance orientated motor tuning project and those that want to be! Noticeably improves the torque output at lower to middle revs and raises the full-throttle reliability.

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