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Luggage Carrier front, PIAGGIO

PX 2011
for Vespa PX80-200/PE/Lusso
steel, chrome, load area:
25x32 cm, fold down

Luggage carriers are the perfect accompaniment for short and long tours. Whether on your way to shopping or on a road trip to Sicily - you need to upgrade your storage area. If you're on the road with lots of luggage, weight distribution is critical for a safe trip. Overloaded Luggage Racks, both front and rear, have a negative influence on how your scooters handles. A suitable sport chassis suspension is a real help here.


Front luggage carriers are mounted on the leg shield and fastened to the frame with braces, you won't even need to drill holes. Luggage Racks mounted with a small space between rack and leg shield create an attractive delicate effect, especially when mounted on small frame models. Luggage Racks mounted further away create more loading space, and best, your headlight won't be covered up if you've got a lot to carry.

For decades, the Italian manufacturers CUPPINI and FA have been delivering chromed and black luggage carriers in good quality. FA Italia took over the fromer VIGANO company. So the FA carriers are exact the same as the old VIGANO ones. The appearance of the CUPPINI TRAVELLER line is designed to resemble the OE PIAGGIO accessories. The LOGOSCOOTER range of accessories have first class production quality, perfect fitting dimensions and chrome plating that could grace a bathroom! All luggage carriers come with the required mounting material.


SIP-TIP: Keep your look clean by using parts in combination from the same manufacturer. We recommend Never Dull polish for all chrome luggage racks. This handy all-round polish removes surface rust, even helps prevent rust build up.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  673717 (PIAGGIO)

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