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Quick Action Twistgrip DOMINO

for HONDA 125 CR Cross (Bj.
aluminium, black, grips: black,
1.9° Quickness, 2 cable

Quick action (QA) throttles are used to decrease the angle the grip has to be twisted in order to fully open the throttle mechanism inside the carburettor. When a carburettor with a larger throttle diameter is fitted the throttle has further to travel up and down the carburettor which can lead to a strained throttle hand and the extra effort eventually becomes annoying. Comfortable alternatives are provided by the DOMINO QA throttle grips. This Italian firm has made a name for themselves on the motorcycle sport scene. All their throttle grips are produced from aluminium and fit 22mm handlebar tubes!


The DOMINO QA Racing Throttle reduces the necessary angle of movement considerably. In combination with a common 30mm carburettor, the angle is reduced to 54º. Small, but not too small for fine mid-range throttle dosage not to be possible.


If you prefer a dual cabled type, the DOMINO 90º is ideal. This QA throttle possesses a weight-saving design in an eye-catching black and gold.


A special highlight of this range is the 'Racing Double', which also possesses a dual-cabled mechanism. These items are ideal when converting to either a dual cylinder/dual carburettor set up. They include blue anodised screws and plain black grips.


The smallest twist angle is provided by the 'Racing Extreme' QA throttle, requiring just 45º to fully operate the throttle on a 30mm carburettor. Its 'on/off switch' design is ideal for the sprinters amongst us.


Helpful Hint : On the basis of the twist angle value, with DOMINO QA throttle grips, the ratio between the twist angle and the throttle opening in mm's can be determined. For every mm of throttle movement a certain amount of degrees must be travelled by the twist grip, according to the size of the throttle. For example : 24mm throttle x 2.3° = 55,2º throttle twist angle.


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order a suitable cable and fixing nipple.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  2311.03-02 (DOMINO)

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