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Indicator MOTOGADGET handle

bar ends, "m-Blaze Cone",
black anodised
w/o bulbs,
with e-mark, LED, left + right

m-Blaze CONE by MOTOGADGET – a lot more than just a turn signal for handlebar end installation.


The m-Blaze is the latest generation of turn signal lights. It is a completely new concept, design and technically sophisticated implementation of a familiar component. Using the new motogadget TranzLight-Technology (TLT, patent pending), the transparent turn signal body becomes the light-emitting media itself.


TranzLight-Technology smartly uses the total internal reflection of light waves at the interfaces of two different optical media densities. This progressive approach to development is not limited to the miniaturization of turn signal casings. Furthermore, it introduces new lighting concepts directly through a crystal-like glass body. Only the precision of CAD calculations and state-of-the-art cutting-edge processes allow the manufacturing of this type of modern illuminant and offer new design and performance opportunities.


A 'reduced to the max' subtle aluminium casing on the base is used for the secure mount of the glass body only and encases the electronic control system and high-end LEDs. Traditionally, the casing is machined from solid aluminium, anodized black or high gloss polished and furnished with an elegant finish of laser inscriptions. With its transparent glass body, the m-Blaze presents a very neutral and subtle look. That's why the m-Blaze is the perfect match to many styles and all types of motorbikes.


m-Blaze Cone, the turn signal for handlebar end installation introduced here, has E mark and front turn signal approval.


ATTENTION: DC voltage is required !!!


Parts delivered: Single turn signal "m-Blaze Cone", left or right side; for handlebar end installation; incl. clamping for steel and aluminium handlebars (22 mm and 1 in.) with 14 mm to 21 mm ID; connector cable length approx. 100 cm.


Dimensions Diameter: 35 mm

Total length: 96 mm

Lenght protruding out of the bar: 43 mm

Length inside the bar: 53 mm

Length of cable: approx. 100 cm

Weight: approx. 45 g

Installation: rubber clamps for inner diameter of 14mm up to 21 mm are included.

Power consumption: approx, 3 Watt

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