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Flowed Racing Crankshaft SERIE

PRO by W5 for Vespa T5
disc valve, stroke 52,0mm, conrod 105,0mm,
pin 16mm,
finely balanced


Flowed racing crankshafts are the hottest new crankshaft upgrade in the racing world. There´s been a lot of experimentation that has resulted in the innovations we see here establishing themselves. In our SERIE PRO line, we have upgraded crankshafts from the German tuning master WORB5, based on MAZZUCHELLI (PX) and TAMENI (T5) shafts.


The crankwebs have been specially modified and gas flowed. The German word ‘gelippt’ (=flowed) has established itself as the description of this new hit. The shaft contour is designed to guide the fuel mix through the crank flange instead of hitting it on entrance. This keeps your fuel flow moving steadily instead of being blocked or creating unnecessary turbulence. Flange modification allows more usable volume. Compression sinks, more fresh fuel can flow in and a higher fill is achieved. This interaction allows higher speed ranges and pumps up performance. Additionally, the crankshafts are finely balanced; the connecting rod swings at 12 o`clock. Give your T5 a real treat when you outfit it with this racing shaft.


Conclusion: higher performance than regular racing crankshafts with less vibration.


Flowed racing crankshaft / stroke 42-57 mm / connecting rod 105-110 / 24/25 mm, M12

Flowed racing crankshaft, with ø 95 mm crankweb (flywheel side), ø 97.9 mm crankweb (disc valve side), balanced at 12 o'clock, lower connecting rod bearing = silver bearing, 105 mm connecting rod (125/150 cc) or 110 mm connecting rod (200 cc), 42 mm stroke (T5) or 57 mm stroke (PX), oil seal housing 24 mm, bearing housing 24 mm, stump cone with M12 thread, incl. connecting rod bearing.


SIP-TIP: new bearings, shaft gasket rings and woodruff key are a must, a SI 24-26 or PHB 28-30 carburetor kit, a touring exhaust and a VESPATRONIC/PARMAKIT ignition are worthwhile additions.

Racing Crankshafts play a major role in tuning. Being very aware that your crankshaft carries a major load in your motor, we?ve decided to carry the high quality shafts from the italian manufacturer MAZZUCCHELLI. Minimal tolerances, high rpm potential, low bearing play and extreme durability are the basis for optimal motor tuning. Racing shafts offer, aside from longer valve timing, polished gas flow areas and piston rods. The chamber capacity is raised and reduces turbulence


Full Circle Crankshafts are operated with a reed valve inlet. The crankcase compression is raised, the response to acceleration is raised, and the speed range moves up. In any case, the compression plate has to be completely removed, which involves massive milling. Of course, you can let our crew in the shop do the job for you! All crankshafts are delivered with a new little end bearing!

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Racing Crankshafts

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VESPA T5 / Elestart 125 VNX5T 2T AC `85-`90 w/o separate lubrication
VESPA T5 Classic 125 VNX5T 2T AC `92-`95 w/o separate lubrication

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