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Spacer for RD350 reed valve

block for MMW/EM/MBD/MRB
intake manifold, (th) 12mm

The legendary RD350 reed valves are a thrill to every tuner as they offer a superb compromise between durability and performance. For this reason it is also included as standard in a wide range of high end reed valve manifold kits. It goes without saying we also stock the RD350 reed valve block separately.


In addition to the original 4-petal reed valve block from YAMAHA we can also offer a slightly cheaper version from SIP. Both blocks are equipped with GFK plates as standard. These ensure superb response without reed valve flutter occurring at high revs.

The PINASCO reed-petals were originally developed to be part of the 'Slave' reed-valve assembly that was specifically evolved to be combined with the performance orientated largeframe motor-block, also produced by PINASCO. These reed-petals are also fully compatible with all MMW/MRP/MBD reed-valve manifold systems.


With the BOYSEN reed valve plates, we also offer an appropriate add-on. In their two-ply design, these high performance and exceptionally durable tuning plates offer a superb response across the entire rev range.


For the TASSINARI 8-petal reed valve block, limited modifications to the crankcase and filing down the connection piece are generally necessary. You are rewarded with an intake cross section that is effectively double the size and the considerably improved filling of the crankshaft housing! The TASSINARI block is designed without limiters. This also guarantees an optimum supply with mix with a full load.


In the SERIE PRO range we also offer MRP stuffers made from aluminium which fill the dead space in the reed valve. They create a clean, linear transfer from the connection piece to the reed valve petal and in so doing reduce the flow turbulence in the reed valve. This enables a high flow speed and therefore leads to a boost in performance.


The spacers, which we stock in the SERIE PRO range (in 2.6mm and 12mm thickness), give the RD350 reed valve another kick. By extending the intake duct, engines gain support and achieve more torque through the shifting of the useful rev range. Space problems for the carburettor in the chassis can often be easily solved through changing the positioning of the intake manifold.

Conclusion: The perfect reed valve block and an ideal accessory for highly tuned engines for Classic Vespa and many Scooter/Maxiscooter 2-stroke models.


SIP-TIP: Ideal with MMW2 intake manifold for the RD350 reed valve (part no 4081222J). Order the matching connection rubber (e.g. for Ø35mm part no SIP0136) at the same time!

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Carburettors, Manifold & Reed Valve

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