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Primary Driven Gear 65 teeth,

input shaft, DRT 695 for Vespa
125 VN/VM/150 VL/VB1,
fits clutch cog 22/23/24 teeth
with repair kit primary DRT

Faro Basso, Fender Light – THE vintage Vespa icons, without a doubt! Regrettably the few remaining classic Vespa Wideframe models tend to be restored to their former glory, conserved and no longer seeing on the road ! Which is understandable when confronted with a maximum speed of around 65 kph and fragile engine components! Its been fascinating to observe the current technological developments that have been evolving for this scooter type on the German-speaking scooter scene. A reliable motor with adequate amounts of torque (10PS) is now possible. DRT have decided to assist in this with the production of suitable gear cogs.

This set of output shaft gear cogs 'DRT 807' comprises of cogs with 13-13-17-21 teeth respectively and is part of a four-speed gearbox upgrade. This kit enables the original three-speed gearbox included with the Vespa 125 VM/VN/150 VL/VB1 to be upgraded to a four-speed type for an improved exploitation of any extra power available and also a higher maximum speed! This conversion requires mechanical knowledge to be properly and safely installed. The original output shaft from the VB1M engine can still be used, along with the input shaft. The gear selector and cruciform from the GS 150 should be used to replace the VB1M items.

The corresponding gear cog sizes and their possible combination possibilities are listed below. With use of the original first gear, the rest of the gear cogs originate from the Vespa PX Lusso models engine. The first and fourth gear cogs will require slight modification however, with the first gear having its centre section machined to fit and the fourth requires narrowing. The suitable DRT gear cogs can be used as well of course.

DRT also produce high quality primary drive cogs with 65 or 67 teeth, which have the effect of altering the overall gear ratio. This can be achieved without replacing the standard gear cog ratios and is fully compatible with otherwise original gearbox set ups.

Conclusion : If you want the option of four gears on your Faro Basso, you will need to invest a lot of time and work!


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order the gear selector and cruciform from the GS to complete this project. You can then experiment with possible gear ratios, starting with a primary drive cog that has 65 cog teeth.


The following gear cog combinations are possible, the DRT recommendations for use with a 65 tooth primary drive cog, are marked in red.



Output Shaft

DRT Gear Cog


Article Number


1° Gear

13 th

56 th

original (Ø 114,93mm, 3 Gear VB1m)

modifications necessary

2° Gear

13 th

42 th

PX/PX Lusso


42 th

DRT 801


41 th

DRT 270


40 th

DRT 270/A


3° Gear

17 th

38 th

PX Lusso


38 th

DRT 802


37 th

DRT 281


36 th

DRT 282


4° Gear

21 th

37 th

DRT 290


modifications necessary

36 th

PX Lusso


modifications necessary

36 th

DRT 291


modifications necessary

36 th

DRT 291-O


35 th

PX Lusso


modifications necessary

35 th

DRT 803


modifications necessary

35 th

DRT 803-O


34 th

DRT 292


modifications necessary

33 th

DRT 305


modifications necessary


OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  PR Oel z65 695 1948> (DRT)

93416000 $30.33
16410000 $0.67
84123000 $472.92
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VESPA 125 125 VM1-2T 2T AC `52-`54
VESPA 125 125 VN1-2T 2T AC `54-`57
VESPA 150 150 VB1T 2T AC `57-`58
VESPA 150 150 VL1-3T 2T AC `54-`57
VESPA 150 (T1/150) (D) 150 VL1T 2T AC `55

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