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Clutch DRT Sport for Vespa

PK 50-125 XL2
4 plates
cork, th 2,5mm, 12 spring(s),
stiffness: L. green, 3 discs,
th 1,0mm, with clutch cover
spacer 1,0mm

The small frame clutch can prove problematic in many tuning projects. Normally 3 friction plates are used. After even minimal performance enhancement this can prove insufficient in complete power transfer to the rear-wheel. Ideally a straightforward conversion to a 4 or even 5 friction plate clutch, although this brings with it the added problem of insufficient clutch plate separation due to lack of effective operating space. This minimal space allowance often creates problems with even standard friction plate surfaces. Denis from DRT offers an effective solution to this problem. With the added friction plates the clutch now has enough frictional surface to enable direct and powerful torque delivery. Simultaneously allowing perfect clutch plate separation.


The DRT clutch is based on the tried and trusted V50/PV clutch. Denis has taken each component of the original set-up and extensively reworked and re-engineered them. The outer friction plate is concave in shape and CNC milled. A clutch base plate is also included. Denis considers the use of high quality materials essential. 12 clutch springs are integrated in the base plate of the clutch and the clutch cluster circlip is also specially produced and hardened. The plain plates of the clutch are also specially produced and are available in individual versions. A 1mm thick spacer surface provides the extra space required.


In the Sport Version the clutch basket is also machined for optimal spring operation and positioning. The complete clutch includes 4 cork friction plates (2.5mm or 1,9mm thick ) and 3 plain plates (1.2mm thick) from DRT. The version with 2,5 mm plates needs a spacer for the clutch cover, which is also included. The latest version comes with 6 reinforced, green clutch springs.


The Race Version includes 4 cork friction, or 5-6 sintered friction plates. The kit also includes the race clutch basket and a clutch remover.


Conclusion: For those who have had enough of slipping an sticking clutches this well engineered, high quality component clutch conversion offers an end to your power-drive problems.


High-End Clutch

CNC milled clutch base plate with 12 integrated spring guides, 12 reinforced, green coloured clutch springs. CNC milled outer friction plate, plain plates, clutch base plate with precise clutch spring guides, hardened clutch cluster circlip, 1mm spacer, assembled versions are delivered with all clutch plates.


SIP-TIP: Do not forget to order the PK XL thrust plate with the bearing mechanism (for clutch 40431811 you have to use the original thrust plate). For the kit without plates we recommend 4 2.5mm thick PV/V50 friction plates and 3 1.2mm plain plates. For motors tuned to between 15 and 25ps we recommend experimentation with varying combinations until you find the perfect solution. For high performance motors, reinforced clutch springs are also available.


SIP Community user ‚ Chiemgauvespa’ about # 40431700: “Top quality clutch, extremely recommendable.”

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  -AP FS170.300k/ (2.50) ex F124 (DRT)

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VESPA PK 50 XL2 / Elestart 50 V5X3T 2T AC `90- not in series
VESPA PK125 XL2 125 VMX6T 2T AC `90- not in series

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