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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 210 cc

Sport 2016 for Vespa 200 Rally
/P200E/PX200 E/Lusso/`98/MY
/Cosa 200, graphit
Ø 68,5mm, aluminium, 7 ports,
stroke 57mm,
with cylinder head,
SPORT-TUNING, high-performance
& roadworthy

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

The one and only! The MALOSSI 210cc cylinder is the undisputed number one in the big-block division of Vespa tuning! Its latest incarnation is available as two types: The 'Sport' as a road-going tourer, or the 'MHR' meant for track-based racers or just plain-old power junkies! Both versions represent the very best qualities that can be found in a tuning cylinder worthy of powering your personal pride and joy. The finest production quality, enduring reliability and perhaps most important – seemingly endless reserves of revs and power in all situations! Recently a engine set up with the 'MHR' version of this cylinder was measured with a staggering 40PS power output at the rear wheel. As far as genuinely affordable power goes, there is no way around the MALOSSI when searching for a suitable tuning cylinder.


High end aluminium casting, enduring Nicasil lined bore, 7 transfer ports with a potent cross-sectional area create the basis of a reliable and thermally uncritical performance cylinder. The combination of the patented MALOSSI CVF2 porting system and the range of solid pistons available are more than capable of supplying the combustion chamber with sufficient amounts of fresh fuel charge to be turned into raw power, while simultaneously guaranteeing an enduring delivery of huge dollops of performance from your Vespa!


The main differences to its predecessor (MALOSSI 'old', produced before 2013) can be found in the revised transfer port layout. The side port windows have been completely laid-open and the channels massively enlarged. The port windows have also been enlarged and the redesigned boost port is immediately obvious. Upon closer inspection it now comprises of three channels, instead of two. The 'MHR' and 'Sport' versions can be told apart by the different size of the outlet ports. The 'MHR' also has only one piston ring, more extreme port timings and is additionally available in two types to cater for both 57mm and 60mm stroke crankshafts being fitted. The 'Sport' version has a piston with two piston rings and can only be combined with 57mm stroke crankshafts.


The MALOSSI cylinder kits produced since 2016 are delivered including a VERTEX piston with a graphite skirt surfacing material. This cutting-edge technology reduces friction considerably and can also function as an emergency damage-reducing solution in case of heat-seizure. Compared to the ASSO piston that was included with the pre-2016 Mk II version of their 166cc cylinder, the VERTEX piston is around 10% lighter. The skirt of the latest piston is shorter which eliminates the need for extra modifications when attempting to fit a long-stroke crankshaft. The port windows are noticeably larger on the VERTEX piston and also provide a much improved match to those found on the bore of the cylinder. This new piston type is compatible with all generations and standard types of the 210cc cylinders.


The carburettor sizes, recommended by MALOSSI, for combination with this pair of cylinders is a maximum size of 30mm for the 'Sport' and a minimum of 30mm for the 'MHR' to properly exploit their full potential. Both cylinder types require a fuel tap with a flow-rate greater than the original type to avoid fuel starvation, carburettor problems and heat seizure. During the development of these kits the MALOSSI technicians made use of our very own SIP FastFlow Fuel tap to ensure an adequate supply of fuel and we cannot guarantee safe and enduring use of these cylinders without the inclusion of one of these useful devices in your scooters set up.

All kits are available with an optional MALOSSI High Turbolence Squish Racing (HTSR) cylinder head and come with an 'O'- ring gasket.


Conclusion : If you require a non-compromising race cylinder suitable for all uses the MALOSSI 210cc cylinders cannot be ignored!


Aluminium/68.5mm bore/7 transfer ports/210.06cc

Aluminium cylinder, 'MHR' can be ordered to also suit long-stroke (60mm) crankshafts, 7 transfer ports, VERTEX graphite coated piston with 1 (MHR) or 2 (Sport) wedge-shaped chromed piston rings. Compression ratios : Without MALOSSI HTSR cylinder head – 10.5:1, with MALOSSI HTSR cylinder head 12.5:1, kit includes base and head cylinder gaskets.


SIP - TIP : Although not absolutely necessary, it barely makes sense not to make use of the opportunity and suitably modify and match the port channels on the crankcase of the motor if you intend to fit this cylinder kit and respect the potential performance it can provide when properly set up.


Technical Tip : On certain PIAGGIO produced PX 200 motors there were manufacturing tolerances included in the production process to allow for the differing positions of the cylinder mounting studs and their corresponding holes. PIAGGIO could compensate for this anomaly by providing their cylinders with 10mm diameter holes to allow for the displaced studs. On the other hand, MALOSSI cylinders are only provided with 8mm wide openings. As it is impossible to identify and cater for these irregularly produced crankcases we recommend you check the fit of the cylinder before you mount the piston. If you wish to be completely safe, and not sorry, we recommend that you order the new PX 200 crankcases that are also produced by MALOSSI.


SIP community user 'Smarco' :

“Brilliant cylinder! No matter whether you're racing or touring – it is capable of everything”.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  3116346 (MALOSSI)

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VESPA 180 Rally 180 VSD1T 2T AC `68-`73 cylinder base must bei turned off
VESPA 200 Rally 200 VSE1T 2T AC `72-`79
VESPA COSA 1 200 VSR1T 2T AC `88-`91
VESPA COSA 2 200 VSR1T 2T AC `90-`96
VESPA P200E / PX200 E 200 VSX1T 2T AC `77-`83
VESPA PX200 E '98 / Millenium 200 VSX1T 2T AC `98-`05
VESPA PX200 E Lusso/ EFL/ Arcobaleno / Elestart 200 VSX1T 2T AC `83-`97

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