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Reed Valve Block TASSINARI

Vforce 3, for Quattrini M1L
2009/APRILIA Rotax, for HONDA
CR 250,
92x77x53 mm,
8-petals without stops

When using a Tassinari reed valve, the sealing surface of the manifold needs to be planar. Manifolds that are originally produced for other types of reed valves might have a overhang and need to be modified / planed.

The V-Force reed valve block from TASSINARI is an absolute high end article. Through a doubling in the size of the intake cross section, the flow and intake optimised design of the double V reed valve results in a clearly superior filling of the crankshaft housing! The reed valve block is har wearing and available with 4 (one-piece petal) or 8 (slit petal) valve membrane. For the use of the TASSINARI V Force reed valve, the sealing surface of the connection piece has to be completely level. Connection pieces that were originally designed for other reed valves and that have a projection must be modified accordingly. The reed valve housing may also have to be adjusted to the size of the V-Force.


We not only stock the TASSINARI reed valve block for the MALOSSI reed valve manifold but also to suit the high end reed valve manifolds from FALC, QUATTRINI and PARMAKit. The ROTAX tuning cylinder and the YAMAHA RD350 reed valve housing can also be equipped with a TASSINARI V-Force reed valve after some slight modifications.


The 4-petal (slit petal on the exterior side of the block) TPR V-Force reed valve block from TOP PERFORMANCE is a slightly cheaper alternative to the MALOSSI reed valve manifold. Like the TASSINARI V Force the TPR Block is designed without a limiter for the reed valve petals. This guarantees optimum filling, also at high revs.


Conclusion: High End reed valve block for maximum performance.


SIP-TIP: Those for whom the original isn't enough are at the right address with the MMW LML reed valve manifold (e.g. part no 40806J00).


SIP Community user poohpapa06 on part no TP9924400:

"You should swap it for the Malossi reed valve when buying the Malossi reed valve kit! The Tassinari is similar and gives you 1 HP more."

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Carburettors, Manifold & Reed Valve

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