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Racing Exhaust PEP Plus 3.0

for Vespa Cosa 1 200
steel, black,
fits wide tyre, large exhaust
manifold, plugged outlet


At last a touring exhaust system with standard PIAGGIO appearance, but with a (very well) hidden potential to perform. A masterpiece has been created by the boys from PEP Parts in the form of the PEP Plus 3.0.

They start out with a SITO Plus or T5 type exhaust, and heavily modify its innards. The manifold piece of this exhaust system, between the cylinder and the expansion chamber, can be compared with any high quality handmade racing exhaust system. This enables a very broad power delivery and supplies ample power in all rev. ranges. The PEP Plus 3.0 can even tickle 2 to 3 PS more out of only slightly modified MALOSSI 210cc cylinder kits. A long stroke crankshaft, 30mm carb and suitably modified port timings can help this particular motor setup to 25 PS and even more... This exhaust system can be recommended for all cylinder or motor setups with all the advantages of the SITO Plus system such as very good floor clearance, durability and discreetness. The original SITO Plus BSAU number makes your scooter easier to register with the authorities.

Conclusion: Its successful combination of a less obvious design, wide powered delivery and a definitely noticeable increase in performance, make the PEP Plus 3.0 the touring exhaust system deluxe for almost all large frame motor setups.


Racing exhaust system / Steel construction / black painted

Steel, painted black, large downtube/ manifold produced exactly to fit from high quality steel, near original SITO Plus sound.

This exhaust pipe allows the use of larger tyre sizes, a spare wheel and also the main stand.

Carburettor jetting and ignition timing should be checked and/or altered.


SIP-TIP: A larger main jet and adjusted ignition timing are absolutely necessary for optimal and reliable use of this exhaust system. We recommend also a long stroke crank and a 28/30 mm carburettor. A touring flywheel and an after market ignition (Parmakit or Vespatronic), a DRT gearbox and a COSA clutch complete the ideal touring setup.


German scooter forum user “Rietzebuh”: “Tried the PEP 3 on my 221cc Reedvalve (35mm Keihin carb., Tassi, Vespatronic, port timings 129°-190°) today. Absolutely fantastic, I'd never have thought that this pipe could be so much fun.”

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Racing Exhausts

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4,100g / piece
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Est. date of delivery 4/4/2018


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VESPA COSA 1 200 VSR1T 2T AC `88-`91

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