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Racing Exhaust GORI "RACING"

for Lambretta 125 LI/LIS/DL/GP
/150 LI/LIS/SX/DL/GP/175 TV
2°-3°/200 TV/SX/DL/GP
for standard cylinder/MUGELLO


If you are looking for an exhaust system with an original looking appearance but increased potential performance, then look no further than this particular racing exhaust, produced by GORI! The traditional racing exhaust design was deliberately avoided in its development, enabling the overall original look of the Lambretta could be maintained following its attachment. Nevertheless its power delivery and overall performance is impressive across the whole of the rev range. There are three versions of this particular exhaust pipe being hand made in Italy by GORI. The 'Sport' type, with a 40mm diameter manifold connection, is suitable for use with all standard, cast iron and lightly tuned cylinders with carburettors up to 26mm. The 'Race' type, with a 50mm diameter manifold connection, assists the larger cylinders available until up to 225cc with 30mm carb to unleash their full power potential. The 'GP50' is GORI´s highend exhaust. Suitable for cylinders belonging to the class of IMOLA, MONZA or TS1.

This exhaust kit includes the main body of the exhaust, the silencer, the suitable manifold type and all the necessary fixing materials.


Racing exhaust / steel construction / clear lacquer paint / includes silencer

Steel, clear lacquer paint, small production run, solid manufacture, agreeable sound.


SIP-TIP: Do not forget to order a suitable performance cylinder, as well as a larger carburettor with suitably dimensioned jetting.

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40070000 $177.06
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GORI Elaborazioni
Racing Exhausts

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4,340g / piece
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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 125 125 22/1 2T AC 1969-1971
LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 150 150 22/0 2T AC 1969-1971
LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 200 200 22/2 2T AC 1969-1971
LAMBRETTA GP 125 SIL 125 22/1 2T AC
LAMBRETTA GP 150 SIL 150 22/0 2T AC
LAMBRETTA GP 200 SIL 200 22/2 2T AC
LAMBRETTA Jet 200 SERVETA 200 200SX 2T AC 1967-1982
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 1 125 125LI 2T AC 1958-1959
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 2 125 125LI 2T AC 1959-1961
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 3 125 125LI3 2T AC 1961-1967
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 4 125 125LI4 2T AC
LAMBRETTA LI 125 SERVETA 125 125LI 2T AC 1961-1965
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Special Serie 3/LiS 125 125LIS 2T AC 1965-1969
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Serie 1 150 150LI 2T AC 1958-1959
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Serie 2 150 150LI 2T AC 1959-1961
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Serie 3 150 150LI3 2T AC 1962-1967
LAMBRETTA LI 150 SERVETA 150 150LI 2T AC 1960-1965
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Special Serie 3/ LiS 150 150LIS 2T AC 1963-1966
LAMBRETTA SX 150 Serie 3/ X 150 Special 150 150SX 2T AC 1966-1969
LAMBRETTA SX 200 Serie 3/ X 200 Special 200 200SX 2T AC 1966-1969
LAMBRETTA TV 175 Serie 1 175 175TV 2T AC 1957-1958
LAMBRETTA TV 175 Serie 2/ SS 175 175TV 2T AC 1959-1961
LAMBRETTA TV 175 Serie 3 175 175TV3 2T AC 1962-1965
LAMBRETTA TV 175 SERVETA 175 175TV 2T AC 1963-1965
LAMBRETTA TV 200 Serie 3 200 TV3 2T AC 1963-1965

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