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Castle Nut Tool SIP for castle

nut bearing drive shaft
for Vespa 160 GS/180 SS
Ø 51,0 mm, 2x9 pins, 3mm/5mm

Most maintenance on the motor of your Vespa requires the use of special tools and adapters. Without their use a quick and professional service without permanently damaging engine components is virtually impossible. Regrettably, many of these exclusively Vespa devices are no longer in production or indeed available, apart from a few parts of dubious quality and origin.


Hardly anything can be as annoying, while working on your Vespa, than poor quality tools. For this reason we have had the complete range reproduced and also in some cases even redesigned. Our SIP tools and adapters are precisely manufactured using the highest quality, genuine tooling grade steel, with some items also being surface treated for extra durability

The SIP castle nut tool is used to open and close the drive shaft castle nuts of vintage Vespa models. In the course of time castle nuts with different notch layouts have been used. For that reason we designed the SIP castle nut tool in a way that it will simultaneously open/close castle nuts with different sets of notches. The tool for the 160 GS/180 SS is thus suitable for castle nuts with a distance of either 3mm or 5mm between their 9 notches. The tool for the 125 VNA/VNB will open and close castle nuts with either 8 or 9 notches. While both ends of the tool are equipped with cogs that will engage in the notches of the castle nut, it is - thanks to a square middle part - easily operated with a standard 1/2" wrench. Attention "left thread", don`t use a wheel gun!
Result: Useful tool for the restoration of older Vespa models and an asset for any workshop.


Sip Tip: Make sure the cogs of the castle nut are intact. Should they be worn, use a new castle nut (depending on the model) part no. 25276300 (GS), or part no. 2110415/2110412 (VNA/VNB).

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VESPA 160 GS (GS4) (D) 160 VSB1-2T 2T AC `62-`64
VESPA 180 SS Super Sport 180 VSC1T 2T AC `64-`68

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