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Racing Exhaust SIP Performance

Sparewheel for Vespa T5
stainless steel, stainless
steel silencer, left hand,
spare tyre still fits


The SIP Performance Sparewheel exhaust system was developed with our customers in mind who like to ride their scooters with a pillion without having to miss out on the security of carrying a sparewheel. This pipe has proved especially popular on the Italian tuning scene, due to the silencer being safely tucked away behind the sparewheel. This harmonises well with the “as original as possible” vintage VESPA look and so does not attract unwanted attention from the local Carabinieri.

Conclusion: An unobdrusive design with a convincingly impressive performance.


Performance expansion chamber/ stainless steel construction/ stainless steel or carbon polyamide silencer /left hand exit

Stainless steel, multi segmented hand-weld, stainless steel/carbon-polyamide silencer/left hand exit

The use of your sparewheel and the main stand remains possible but no wider fitting tyres.

Carburettor jetting and ignition timing should be checked and/or altered as necessary.


SIP-TIP: 139 and 177cc setups are ideally combined with a 24mm DELLORTO SI carburettor, and a higher ratio primary drive kit. A larger main jet is absolutely necessary for the 200cc setup, a reinforced clutch, racing or long stroke crankshaft are recommendable. With MALOSSI/POLINI 30mm+ carburettor, MMW manifolds, tuned gearbox and Vespatronic you´ll have a lot of fun and others will stay behind.



SIP comunity user ,shining sun’: „Unbelievable. This is the only word I can use to be as near as possible to reality: great sound, easy to install, it makes the engine always ready to run! It's powerful from the lowest rpms to the highest. My Polini177 seems to be another engine with this exhaust, it gives more fun and the sound that you can hear when you open the gas is something you can only feel and not describe. If you can find the money, and want the ABSOLUTELY BEST exhaust existing for Large Frame Vespa, buy this. It has been a dream for years, but now I'm really really happy! Thank you very much Jim Lomas and also SIP!!! Corrado Menato”

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VESPA T5 / Elestart 125 VNX5T 2T AC `85-`90
VESPA T5 Classic 125 VNX5T 2T AC `92-`95

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