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The Desert Vespa

Creato da Jenni alle 16:02 ora il 13 febbraio 2020

What do you do when you’ve got almost 16kms to cover between the starting line and the campsite when you’re on the salts flats? You make the meanest Vespa around, that’s what. Leggi tutto

Vespa Roadtrip Sudamérica: The Way is The Message

Creato da Stephan alle 15:02 ora il 13 febbraio 2020

“John Silva Photo Traveler” is a “traveling” project, which pursues the dream of exploring the world and getting to know its people, discover how they live, their cultural landscape and their … Leggi tutto

Custom Vespa GTS "SIP SERIES PORDOI" by SIP Scootershop

Creato da Stephan alle 16:01 ora il 31 gennaio 2020

Our SIP SERIES PORDOI Custom Vespa is everything but standard. From front to back the Modern Vespa is decked out with new developments and handmade parts. From the handmade carbon-fibre mudguard to t… Leggi tutto

EICMA 2019 Milan News for VESPA

Creato da Jenni alle 16:11 ora il 6 novembre 2019

Autumn time is EICMA time, and we have looked around for you at the largest motorcycle show in the world. What´s new for us Vespa enthusiasts? The manufacturer usually present the new models, this ti… Leggi tutto

Headlamp Unit SIP PERFORMANCE LED for Vespa GTS

Creato da Jenni alle 15:08 ora il 30 agosto 2019

Perfect luminous efficiency, a reassuring field of view at night and even increased passive safety during the daylight hours are just a small selection of the advantages provided by modern LED powered… Leggi tutto

SIP Chrome Rim for Vespa GTS 125-300ccm

Creato da Jenni alle 15:08 ora il 22 agosto 2019

The SIP Performance rims for Modern Vespa models come in the usual high quality both regarding finish as well as fitting accuracy. Product with perfect surface finish, 20 spokes, surface CNC machined … Leggi tutto

Foot Pegs SIP for Vespa Primavera/Sprint 50-150ccm

Creato da Jenni alle 16:02 ora il 4 febbraio 2019

You can create more comfort for your passenger by fitting a pair of pillion foot pegs. Their ride comfort is much improved, especially for the not-so-tall people amongst us. These foot pegs are firmly… Leggi tutto

SIP Scootershop celebrates successful racing season 2018

Creato da Stephan alle 12:01 ora il 3 gennaio 2019

SIP Scootershop celebrates successful racing season in Italy 2018 Leggi tutto

Trofei Malossi 2018 1. Race North – Varano, Italy

Creato da Stephan alle 11:04 ora il 10 aprile 2018

On Friday, the SIP Scootershop racing team started with the riders Joe Schack # 33 and Andreas Lukas # 96 for the first race of the 26th Trofei Malossi to Italy. After our pilots had already completed… Leggi tutto

Malossi World Days 2017 Vallelunga, Italy

Creato da Jenni alle 11:10 ora il 23 ottobre 2017

At the weekend, the 30th Malossi World Days took place at the Autodrom Vallelunga di Roma. Following directly on from our SIP Hardbarcelona Tour, we headed off back south again on Thursday, taking a d… Leggi tutto