How to build a 45 BHP+ Vespa

Creato da Jesco alle 17:11 ora il 3 novembre 2020

Der 306ccm Motor von SIP-BFA ist aktuell der stärkste Motor, den man für Geld kaufen kann. Jedenfalls, wenn es um einen Motor geht, der für klassische Schaltroller vorgesehen ist. Dass es so ist un… Leggi tutto

Vespa Parade Paris Sept. 2020

Creato da Ralf alle 15:10 ora il 19 ottobre 2020

Between 2015 and 2019 the “Vespa Parade Paris” grew from 50 to 300 Vespas. A great increase for an event that is now eagerly anticipated by everyone. It is organised every year by Vespa France and… Leggi tutto

Vespa Alp Days Zell am See 2020

Creato da Christian alle 10:10 ora il 9 ottobre 2020

Meeting point, as always, was the Check-in in Zell am See. As it happened we got there a bit late. But then it had felt as if, on the road up from the Allgäu, every owner of a tractor had thought it … Leggi tutto

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Free SIP Landsberg sticker when you visit us by Scooter!

Creato da Ralf alle 15:11 ora il 19 novembre 2020

Ride to the top: you will have to really earn this pass sticker. Just as a classic pass sticker of a mountain pass, you only get it at the highest point. You get our SIP - Landsberg "Pass Sticker" onl… Leggi tutto

New apprentices start at SIP Scootershop

Creato da Ralf alle 13:10 ora il 12 ottobre 2020

Our 3 new trainees at SIP Scootershop for the year 2020: Mascha Harris and Svenja Draudt (both office management assistants) and Adrian Gröger (warehouse logistics specialist). We wish you a great t… Leggi tutto

10 Years at SIP Scootershop

Creato da Ralf alle 10:10 ora il 5 ottobre 2020

Today we honoured two employees who have both been working in the company for more than 10 years: Stefanie Barth and Stefan Bressel have been working at the scooter accessories and spare parts special… Leggi tutto

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The Desert Vespa

Creato da Jenni alle 16:02 ora il 13 febbraio 2020

What do you do when you’ve got almost 16kms to cover between the starting line and the campsite when you’re on the salts flats? You make the meanest Vespa around, that’s what. Leggi tutto

Vespa Roadtrip Sudamérica: The Way is The Message

Creato da Stephan alle 15:02 ora il 13 febbraio 2020

“John Silva Photo Traveler” is a “traveling” project, which pursues the dream of exploring the world and getting to know its people, discover how they live, their cultural landscape and their … Leggi tutto

Custom Vespa GTS "SIP SERIES PORDOI" by SIP Scootershop

Creato da Stephan alle 16:01 ora il 31 gennaio 2020

Our SIP SERIES PORDOI Custom Vespa is everything but standard. From front to back the Modern Vespa is decked out with new developments and handmade parts. From the handmade carbon-fibre mudguard to t… Leggi tutto

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Wintercheck for your Vespa & Scooter

Creato da Ralf alle 12:10 ora il 19 ottobre 2020

We’ve put together a few well-proven and simple tips here on how to prepare your Vespa or motor scooter in general for winter. Your little darling will thank you with a joyful start next spring! Leggi tutto