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Variátor MALOSSI Multivar 2000 tá MBK 125 Flame/YAMAHA 125 Cygnus
termék szám:
132,99 EUR
inkl. ÀFA plussz postaköltség
990g / darab
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termékkép: Images may differ from the original
termékkép: Images may differ from the original

Variátor MALOSSI Multivar 2000

tá MBK 125 Flame/​YAMAHA 125 Cygnus

  • 6 tekercs
  • 20x17 mm
  • 8,5g
132,99 EUR

Termék leírása

Termékleírás Variátor MALOSSI Multivar 2000 feldolgozás alatt.

OEM szám 5111567 (MALOSSI)
EAN-szám: 4260088518323

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M5111567 Variator MALOSSI Multivar

Variator MALOSSI Multivar Pictures may look different Variator MALOSSI Multivar for MBK/YAMAHA Flame/Cygnus, 125cc 4-Stroke AC, The Variomatic is a small, but very important tuning part in the scootamatic corner - the heart of each automatic scooter motor. Our recommendation - variator installation as a must for all 2/4 stroke pilots who want the very best for and out of their vehicles - as well as smooth sound. Whoa, there goes gravity! Optimal tuning for each scooter with the Multivar from MALOSSI. With more than 10 years experience in the automatic arena, the‘ve come up with this variator - a perfect upgrade for scootamatics. An absolute must have part! Good quality, exact workmanship, light weight, fitting roll sets and reinforced variator springs are included in delivery. Optimized shifting, increased acceleration, a little higher top speeds, self lubricating (maintenance free), tuning for each and every model and simple installation. SIP-TIP! New vario nuts, special Kevlar fan belts, additional vario weights for individual tuning, positioning tools. German Scooter Magazine SCOOTER & SPORT July/August 2002: „The MALOSSI ‚Multivar‘ is absolute tops - optimized, gets higher rpm‘s when accelerating. Gets max possible acceleration...“ Recommendations Accessories & Spares Tool Holder BUZZETTI universal Variator Rollers MALOSSI 8,5g, Tool Holder BUZZETTI clutch Slides MALOSSI for art. no. Variator Spring MALOSSI for Show more... Customers choice might interest you... Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 68cc Air Filter Insert MALOSSI Clutch Springs MALOSSI Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 68cc Belt MALOSSI X-Special for Show more... € 111,93 Art.Nr. M5111567 990g / piece Stock on hand Amount Your options Put on notepad Print details Download informatoin Movie Download Product forums Average rating result (0 Ratings) Submit your own rating! Report a problem? This product fits the following models MBK Producer/Model cc Type Engine Yr. of Const. Extra MBK Flame 125 4T AC


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