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E-Scooter training at SIP Scootershop

létrehozva SIP 15:05 órakor 2021. május 27.

Last Tuesday a notably exciting event took place at the gates of SIP Scootershop: Sven Wichsmann from Action Sports Electronics GmbH, ASE for short, presented the latest e-scooters trends! tovább olvas

E-Scooter and Camping

létrehozva SIP 16:05 órakor 2021. május 17.

Markus „Mühli“ Mühlbauer is a car salesman by profession at the brand with the four rings. But whenever his time allows, he pursues his true passion: Camping. For almost thirty years, the 50-yea… tovább olvas

E-scooters: arguments for a modern means of transport

létrehozva SIP 16:04 órakor 2021. április 16.

Since mid-2019, the e-scooter has been officially approved for road traffic in Germany. In other countries this has been done even earlier. It is practical, handy and nippy, which is why the electric … tovább olvas

The best of E-Scooter 2021

létrehozva SIP 13:03 órakor 2021. március 30.

As early as 2020, there was a wide range of e-scooters and features. Slowly, the most important features for the different needs are crystallising and the manufacturers are catching up. Prices are lev… tovább olvas

E-Scooter, rent or buy?

létrehozva SIP 12:05 órakor 2020. május 18.

In every bigger city you nowadays see the e-scooter rental fleets from suppliers like Lime, Voi and Circ. So, why are so many taking the decision to buy an own e-escooter? Here are the reasons... tovább olvas

E-Scooter buyer´s guide 2020

létrehozva SIP 12:05 órakor 2020. május 18.

You want to buy an e-Scooter and have no idea which one fits to your needs? Then this is the right article for you, There are many models out there, in all price ranges and with many different feature… tovább olvas

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