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Outil de maintien BUZZETTI

cloche d'embrayage
pour Vespa ET4/LX/LXV/S
Super/GTV/GT 60/GT/GT L 125
-300ccm convient également
pour pour PIAGGIO Leader
/Quasar/LEM 125-300ccm 4T AC

The beginning of the Whole Earth Catalog states, „You need good tools to do good work“. Amen! The next four pages are full of the right tools to do right by your scoot. Tools that belong in every basic workshop, such as positioning tools and fly wheel removers. For those who do regular servicing, we have everything you need. It makes sense to order other specialty tools needed less often as a circle of friends or as a club. As it may be, we have the right tools so you can do a good job.


With the Clutch Positioning Tool in your hands, you can hold the clutch basket tight so you can loosen the bolt or tighten it back up. Additionally, this tool can be used to open/ close the large bolt on the clutch. Tools measurements and the number of pins can be found in the table. The drawing below shows how to measure the pins. Please control measurements before ordering!!!


SIP TIP! BUZZETTI lists the tools that fit the motors. Still, motors are manufactured in a variety of versions and are built into a wide assortment of scooters. This means that some tools may need a little filing down to fit perfectly.

OEM chiffres (sont uniquement à titre comparatif)  020423Y (PIAGGIO)

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Moteur PIAGGIO/QUASAR 250/300 4T LC - Embrayage, Correcteur de couple

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