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Classic Scene-Blog Vespa & Lambretta

Vespa Cement Track Race 2022

Rédigé par à 14:05 h:min. le 25 mai 2022

André, Olli and Lukas from SIP Scootershop were at a very special event on 20 and 21 May: "2nd Spectacular Hoffmann-Vespa Cement Track Race at the Diatest Velodrom in Darmstadt". You can read and see… Lire la suite

World record: 27 stunts on two Vespas

Rédigé par à 14:05 h:min. le 12 mai 2022

It was just a few weeks ago when we reported on Vespa stunt rider Günter Schachermayr from Austria. With full body effort, he pulled a Cessna aircraft across a tarmac in his native Austria. Last week… Lire la suite

Ilario Lavarra: On the Vespa since 2017

Rédigé par à 17:05 h:min. le 4 mai 2022

In this blog we introduce you to a man who has been on the road on his Vespa since 2017 and who is breaking records. Ilario Lavarra travels the world and had a very detailed conversation with us about… Lire la suite

Vespa Season Start Augsburg, Germany 2022

Rédigé par à 15:05 h:min. le 2 mai 2022

The "Rollerkö" season kickoff in Augsburg, Bavaria, is a highlight in the calendar every year and a home run from Landsberg, the hometown of SIP Scootershop. The actual date was already 3 weeks earli… Lire la suite

Vespa & Lambretta Customshow 2022

Rédigé par à 13:04 h:min. le 14 avril 2022

Finally, finally, finally! For far too long, the damned Corona pandemic forced us into isolation and events could only take place under difficult conditions. But last weekend in Gundelfingen near Augs… Lire la suite

World record attempt: Vespa pulls airplane

Rédigé par à 14:03 h:min. le 31 mars 2022

Günter Schachermayr has done it again! The daredevil Vespa stunt driver from Austria regularly sets records. On water, on land and in the air. He already drove vertically down a chimney and completed… Lire la suite

On the Vespa to the North Cape

Rédigé par à 11:03 h:min. le 21 mars 2022

José Antonio Fernández "JAF" López de Ochoa and Javi Zabalza are truly a bit crazy. But you have to be, if you have the idea to go to the North Cape with your Vespa in February. The two have sent u… Lire la suite

Stefan Rohrer: Twisted Vespa World

Rédigé par à 10:03 h:min. le 4 mars 2022

The colorful sculptures of Stefan Rohrer are probably unique in the art world. He uses car bodies, model cars and again and again scooters. He turns them into fascinating and unmistakable works of art… Lire la suite

Lambretta Model Lore

Rédigé par à 11:02 h:min. le 21 février 2022

In the fifth and last part of our series we will deal with the scooters of the Italian vehicle manufacturer Innocenti, more precisely the Lambretta, which enjoys great popularity with fans of motorize… Lire la suite

Rahul Bajaj passed away

Rédigé par à 13:02 h:min. le 16 février 2022

On February 12 of this year, Rahul Bajaj passed away at the age of 83. He had been at the helm of the Bajaj Group in India since 1965 and, as Chairman of the Bajaj Auto division, was jointly responsib… Lire la suite

Open Dyno: performance test for all scooters

Rédigé par à 12:02 h:min. le 7 février 2022

New year, new tests! We are pleased to offer again our SIP Scootershop Open Dyno Events. Performance tests for all scooters up to 100 hp on our Amerschläger P4 test stand. Lire la suite

HEIDENAU: Production of scooter tires suspended

Rédigé par à 12:02 h:min. le 2 février 2022

The manufacturer HEIDENAU from near Dresden has become a victim of the shortage of raw materials on the market and temporarily suspends the production of its popular tires for scooters. But there are … Lire la suite

Quartermile.app for iOS

Rédigé par à 15:02 h:min. le 1 février 2022

We are really happy to present you our brand new app for iOS: Quartermile! Finally you can measure how fast your scooter, or any other vehicle, can go over a certain distance. With many more features … Lire la suite

44,000 kilometers on the Vespa

Rédigé par à 15:02 h:min. le 1 février 2022

In May 2015, Juvena Huang began her adventure in Singapore. She started an incredible adventure with her Vespa and covered 44,000 kilometers through 25 countries in 27 months. Her journey also took he… Lire la suite

Amerivespa 2022 and 30 years of Vespa Club of America

Rédigé par à 15:01 h:min. le 28 janvier 2022

Good news from our friend Josh Rogers from the United States: The "Vespa Club of America" celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. But that's not all, because also the big event "Amerivespa" will ta… Lire la suite


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