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SIP Green - We do Care

"To be human is to be responsible." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

This applies not only to each individual, but also to us as a company. Since 2005, we have therefore been courageously committed to the social sector under the motto 'SIP Aid: Scooterists help!' and donate to charitable institutions such as SOS Children's Villages or Arche Deutschland. More about the SIP Aid project here

A responsible approach to the environment is also an essential part of our corporate philosophy. We know that resources not only have to be used, but also protected.

Resource-saving logistics building

In the construction of our new logistics and administration building in 2016, we fell well below the strict, applicable energy saving regulations. A groundwater heat pump uses the energy from the ground, underfloor heating in all areas gets by with low energy input and all glazing and windows in the building are triple glazed. All illuminants are state-of-the-art LED technology that automatically adjusts to daylight and is dimmed. We have dispensed with the installation of energy-intensive ventilation or air conditioning, as well as with building materials that have to be delivered from far away. Local companies have constructed the building with local materials (steel and concrete).

We ship via DHL climate neutral

And that already since 2009! In 2017 alone, we were able to offset around 50 tonnes of CO2 through the 100,000 parcels we sent with DHL GoGreen.

You can find more information about the DHL climate protection program here.

Sustainability in many areas

For us, however, environmental protection begins above all with the small things in everyday (shipping) life. The cardboard boxes and the filling material for the parcels have therefore long been made of recycled paper instead of bubble wrap (overseas air freight is the only area in which it is not possible to do without it in order to protect the goods and also for weight reasons). We now only use envelopes made of recycled paper instead of plastic, as well as our invoice paper. In the customer account on you can decide for yourself whether you need a printed paper invoice at all or whether the PDF version is sufficient. In general we are on the way to a paperless office. More and more administrative areas at SIP Scootershop are already 100% digitalized.

Electricity from 100% water power

Not only since Fukushima has nuclear power lost its clean image. Electricity from fossil fuels pollutes our atmosphere with immense CO2 emissions. We have completely converted the electricity requirements of our company building in Landsberg to green electricity from 100% hydropower. Our regional energy provider has had this electricity from renewable energy certified by TÜV Süd.

Environmental Pact Bavaria

The Environmental Pact of Bavaria is an agreement between the Bavarian State Government and the Bavarian economy. It is based on voluntariness, personal responsibility and cooperation. In the Environmental Pact, the Bavarian State Government and Bavarian industry declare their firm conviction that the natural foundations of life can be better protected by voluntary and reliable cooperation between the state and industry than by laws and regulations alone. With the measures we have implemented, we meet the requirements and are part of the Bavarian Environmental Pact.

Your opinion counts

Do you have any suggestions for us on how we can behave in an even more environmentally friendly and sustainable way? We are looking forward to your opinion, please write to [email protected]