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E-Bike Tuning Chips How to find the correct part

How does E-Bike Tuning work?

If an e-Bike or Pedelec reaches the legally prescribed limit of 25 km/h, then the motor assistance is set. With muscle power, the bike can reach even higher speeds, but then the rider not only has to move the higher weight of the electric bike, but also overcome the motor resistance. This is comparatively more strenuous than on a conventional bike. If the motor is to support the bicycle above 25 km/h, the system must be made to think that the speed is slower than it actually is. This is where the tuning modules come in. A small electronic device is installed between the magnetic sensor on the wheel and the motor control unit. This signals a slower speed to the control unit and the pedal assistance continues to run. This makes it possible to reach speeds above 50 km/h with a pedelec. In Germany, the use of tuning modules is only permitted on private property.

This is how to find the correct Tuning Chip for your bike

The crucial question for all tuners is which module fits on their own bike. In the meantime, most e-bikes are equipped with mid-mounted motors and no longer with front or rear wheel drives. That is why most tuning modules are now developed for mid-mounted motors. In addition to the undisputed market leader Bosch, motor manufacturers such as Giant, Yamaha, Brose and Bafang play a role. Almost every bike owner should know the motor manufacturer, and it is also very prominently displayed on the motor housing. To find the right module, you should also know the motor type, year of manufacture and, ideally, the display type. All information can usually be found in the bike's documentation. On our webshop we have categorised all e-bike tuning modules. If you enter the manufacturer and/or motor type in the top navigation, only those modules will be displayed that exactly fit this motor type. You can further refine your selection with the filters on the left.

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