SIP Custom Roller

Custom SIP "PX Racer"

Creado por a las 14:06 el 17 de junio de 2022

The other Vespa PX from the history of SIP Scootershop. This PX 200 E, built in 1981, was a project by Alex and went through various phases. We tell the story of this "racer". Leer más

Custom SIP "PX Cutdown"

Creado por a las 12:06 el 17 de junio de 2022

This Vespa PX truly has a long history. After Ralf bought the scooter in 1990, he painted it in a design that Jesco calls the "Eduscho Racer" in the video. Ralf was already racing the PX at that time.… Leer más

Custom SIP BFA "Something Special"

Creado por a las 11:06 el 17 de junio de 2022

"Performance and style" are two big words. Especially when they have been the motto of a company for 25 years. And when this company then also celebrates its anniversary, it is not only a duty but als… Leer más

Custom SIP & Butcher Garage "Project ESC"

Creado por a las 16:12 el 1 de diciembre de 2021

We already presented this custom project by the Butcher Garage in our Curve magazine in 2018, but of course we don't want to deprive all readers of our blogs of it: The Butcher Garage St. Petersburg a… Leer más

Custom SIP Rally 200 "Street Custom"

Creado por a las 12:09 el 21 de septiembre de 2021

Everyone has their favourite Vespa or simply a gap in their home fleet that needs to be filled. SIP Scootershop managing director Alex had been looking for a Vespa Rally 200 for years. The sports scoo… Leer más

Custom SIP GTS "Pordoi"

Creado por a las 11:01 el 29 de enero de 2020

Our SIP SERIES PORDOI Custom Vespa is anything but standard. From front to back, newly developed parts and handcrafted products adorn the Modern Vespa. Read everything about this project here. Leer más

Custom SIP "Glorious Basterd"

Creado por a las 17:01 el 22 de enero de 2010

"Once upon a time in Vespa occupied Europe ..." - If Quentin Tarantino were to build a custom, it would have to be called "Glorious Basterd". But since he has neither the time nor the know-how, we at … Leer más

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