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We take a matte black Vespa Sprint with 125 cc, which comes directly from the dealer "off the shelf" and see what we can change and improve in terms of "optics" and "tuning". Our sales manager Stephan Hufschmid compiles extensive wishlists for the corresponding parts and explains in the video linked below how you can best proceed in the online store. Because we offer you different ways how you can equip your Vespa with our parts. Convenient, clear and of course the parts fit afterwards exactly to our Vespa Sprint 125 cc.

Fresh look for the Vespa Sprint 125

First of all, the as-is condition of the Vespa Sprint is examined. The customer wants less chrome on the scooter, so Stephan recommends a different luggage rack and a new leg shield. In the steering head area, the decorative ring of the lamp, the brake levers, grips and rear view mirrors, among other things, can be replaced. Not everything has to be selected uniformly matt or glossy, because even a stylish mixture makes the Vespa Sprint look sportier.

Next is the exhaust, which looks a bit boring in the standard version. Stephan recommends the Racing Exhaust ARROW Urban with catalyser, which does not provide more power, but a completely different sound. "The neighbors will be happy because they'll hear you turn into the street a little earlier," the SIP sales manager quips. In addition, the Vespa Sprint gets a Rear Light LED.

You can find the entire list of visual changes on this wishlist. As you can see, most of the chrome parts have been replaced by sportier versions.

Racing Exhaust ARROW Urban
Shock Absorber BITUBO Black Edition

Moderate tuning for the Vespa Sprint 125

After selecting the vehicle and manufacturer in the online store, only tuning parts that fit this model exactly are displayed. Stephan first recommends a new shock absorber for the safety of the rider. The damper supplied from the factory has only three preset levels of spring preload, while the recommended model from Bitubo is infinitely adjustable by means of the knurled screw. A gas-pressure shock absorber will, for example, put away potholes much more gently than a damper that works with oil pressure. And cornering is also noticeably more stable. If you want to take a closer look at "shock absorbers", it's best to watch our video series on the subject.

For tuning beginners, Stephan does not recommend any modifications to the cylinder, but the heart of the ride can be tackled: the variator. To respond to the slight increase in rpm, a reinforced V-belt from Malossi is installed. Also, clutch and clutch bell, also from Malossi, so that all parts are matched. Most of you will not have a fully equipped workshop at home, but with the tools that are on the wishlist, can easily master the project.

You can also view the wishlist for tuning in its entirety. With just one click, all parts can be added to the shopping cart and ordered. And now you can completely restyle and moderately pimp your Vespa Sprint 125. How the scooter looks after the conversion, you can see in the video below.

Video with conversion of the Vespa Sprint 125

Image gallery Vespa Sprint 125

Vespa Sprint Custom Umbau BLACK EDITION
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