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Vespa Events Review 2021: National Rallye Poker

Creado por Jamila a las 12:12 el 1 de diciembre de 2021

On the road again!

Hugette Rabasse, member of the Vespa Club of Toulon, sent us this exciting story.

The Rally took place on the weekend of May 22, 2021 in and around Marseille. Co-organized by the Vespa Club of France and three regional clubs: Vespa Club of Marseille, Vespa Club of Aix-en-Provence and Vespa Club of Toulon.

Post Lockdown Happiness

The organisation of this very first "post lockdown" rallye has been very hard and tricky but there‘s no doubt: the co-organizers have proven their huge capacity of improvisation.

This event was also the very first chance of the year to make up overdue dates: this year‘s 70th anniversary of the Vespa Club of Marseille and the General Assembly of the Vespa Club of France.

The co-organizers have put together a program of city and country excursions in and around Marseille such as, on Saturday, the visit of the Motorcycle Museum in Marseille and the General Assembly of the Vespa Club of France. And on Sunday, a special Rallye named the „Rallye Poker“ in honour of the creation of the Vespa Club of Marseille in 1951. The "Rally Poker“ is a 250 km roadtrip throughout the Provence starting and ending in Marseille. The roadtrip leads through Aix-en-Provence, the Mountain Sainte Victoire, the Massif de la Sainte Baume and the Mont Faron in Toulon.

Despite this tough pandemic context, lots of participants from all regional Clubs of France joined the event, eager to get together again with friends after endless months of lockdown. Thank you to all attendees! See you again very soon!

The Co-Organizers were: Max Morganti (Vespa Club of Marseille), Eric Lenoir (Vespa Club of Aix-en-Provence), Delphine Nadjar Arthaud (Vespa Club of France), Huguette and Jean Pierre Rabasse (Vespa Club of Toulon).

Rallye Poker picture gallery

Rallye Poker 2021

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